These 20+ Twig Crafts Are Naturally Beautiful

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Try these twig crafts that both kids and adults can make! Get great ideas for decor, holiday, and more. These are perfect for beginners.

Twig Crafts

I was rooting around in my front yard the other day and noticing something. We have a landscaping crew as part of the HOA in our neighborhood, and they just recently trimmed the bushes and trees.

What I noticed is that although trimming was done – there were two things out of place. First, they didn’t trim my Japanese maple . . . and second, they left all the trimmings behind!

I started collecting everything to leave them a pile in a corner of the front yard, which they are good about picking up whenever I do it. I also started trimming the maple and adding to the pile.

IT WAS THEN that I realized . . . I might not want to throw all of the refuse into a pile for the landscapers. There are some good twigs and branches here that I can do something with!

And such is the life of a crafter. We probably keep things we shouldn’t. And then one day, 15 years down the road when we are organizing our craft supplies, we find those twigs.

“What was I keeping these for again?” you say to yourself.

The great news is that you’re not going to end up in that situation, because I have some twig crafts for you to do. And you can do them now, before you end up shoving the sticks into your stash for down the road.

The twigs I collected are pretty long and I’m going to make a painted stick bouquet (#8 in the list below). I’m letting them dry out a little bit now, then I’m going to paint them. I’m very excited!

If you’re interested in trying some crafts with twigs, I’d love for you to check out the list below. Then let me know which is your favorite in the comments! Or if I’m missing something that you’ve made with sticks, let me know that too. Enjoy.

Twig Crafts

If you like working with natural materials, you're going to enjoy these twig crafts! Not only are they free, but they work with a variety of decor. If you want to craft with twigs, enjoy these ideas!


DIY Rustic Photo Frame

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Rustic home decor makes any space cozier! This easy, inexpensive twig frame uses simple, affordable and easy to find supplies like twigs and twine.


How to Make Twig Letters

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Get a quick and easy tutorial for how to make DIY twig letters. This is a home decor project that works with a variety of styles and can obviously be customized for any initials.


Wreath Made from Twigs

Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro

This DIY coastal wreath is made from the twigs and seashells you'll find on the beach this summer. Create your very own gorgeous coastal home decor today!


DIY Coasters from Branches

Photo Credit:

A cup of tea is nice, but it tastes even better when it's on your nicely decorated table or desk. And that's why these DIY coasters made of wood.


How To Make a Rustic Twig Vase

Photo Credit: Diane Henkler

Want to make a rustic vase fast? Turn twigs and thin branches found in your yard or on a walk in the woods to make this easy DIY rustic twig vase that's perfect to show off your favorite flowers.


DIY Twig Triangle Wreaths

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Learn how to bring the outdoors in with these modern, minimal DIY twig triangle wreaths. It's a great craft to do with the kiddos, too!


DIY Household Hooks From Dead Tree Branches

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If you have access to larger twigs, there are a variety of hooks you can make! Check out these ideas - some involve screwing the twig piece directly to the wall.


Rustic Twigs and Moss Birdhouse

Photo Credit:

Want an idea of something to add to your rustic garden? Make a beautiful birdhouse with twigs and moss. This is so inexpensive to make. It would look great with a spring mantel too!


Painted Twig Bouquet

Photo Credit: Megan Kapple

This is the world's easiest little project - a painted twig bouquet. It's a great way to add interest to decor without breaking the bank.


DIY Twig Pennant Garland

Photo Credit:

Use nature to make this fall garland craft – extra sticks add natural whimsy to this pennant garland banner DIY. I would love adding acorns to this cute project.


Woodsy Hanger DIY

Photo Credit:

This DIY twig hanger isn't necessarily how you would hang clothing in your closet, but if you want to display something as part of your decor, this project is perfect!


DIY Twig Lamp Shade

A free step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY twig lamp shade. This is so easy and adds a perfect rustic touch to any room.


DIY Grapevine Ball Light Fixture

Here’s a tutorial for how to create your own grapevine ball light fixture as an accent piece for any room! While this uses grapevine, you can also use thin twigs to make something similar.


Sculptural Branch Jewelry Display Holder

Photo Credit:

This is a great tutorial because it shows you how to attach a large twig into the bottom of a bowl! You can use this for a jewelry organize, or any type of decor you like.


How to Make Twig Pencils

Photo Credit:

This tutorial surprised me a little bit simply because I had NO idea how to make pencils! It's way easier than you think, and I think these are super cute for a guest room decoration. Plus they are very usable!


DIY Stick Framed Round Mirror

Photo Credit:

Looking for cheap and easy DIY projects for the home? This simple twig mirror is rustic and beautiful. It looks great in an entryway, living room, or bedroom.


Twig Chair Tutorial

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I don't know what I need these twig chairs for, but I just know that I need them! Aren't they so cute? Learn how to make them for kids or decor or a fairy garden using Katherine's tutorial.


How to Make a Twig Heart

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For this twig craft, you're going to want to make sure that the branches are flexible. This is so you can bend them into the heart shapes easily! This is cute for Valentine's Day, but you can use all year.


DIY Twig Tabletop Teepees

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Sometimes you're looking for a little something simple for table or mantel decor, and that's where these twig teepees come in. They add interest without taking any skill or time to make.


How to Make a Teepee Christmas Tree with Twigs

Photo Credit:

Make a teepee Christmas tree with twigs or small branches as well as a few other supplies. Add rustic charm to your dining table, entryway, or mantel.


Rustic Twig Christmas Ornaments

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Bring a touch of nature indoors this year as you decorate your tree. Learn how to make rustic twig Christmas ornaments the easiest way possible.


Twig Reindeer for Christmas

Twig reindeer are so cute! You definitely need a few of these on the mantel. If you like natural materials, you might also like our wine cork reindeer.

If you enjoyed these twig crafts, I’d love for you to check out these other unique ideas:

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