These DIY Dinosaur Surprise Egg Toys are DINO-Mite!

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Kids will be excited to crack open fun and easy DIY dinosaur eggs with surprise toys inside.

holding dinosaur surprise egg toys in hands

Know any young dinosaur fans? They will love this easy craft!

Make these creative salt dough DIY dinosaur eggs with a fun surprise toy dinosaur in the middle! This is such a CUTE and EASY craft to make with the kids, and you probably already have everything needed on hand. I think these eggs would be a creative activity if you’re hosting a dinosaur-themed playdate with friends or a birthday party.

Fun Fact: This post is was originally created a few years ago, but is one of our most popular pins on Pinterest this summer!

forming the surprise egg toys

Tips for making DIY dinosaur surprise egg toys:

  • Look around the house first before buying supplies. You may already have flour, salt, and coffee grinds. I used a cup of sand from outside.
  • I found little 2-3 inch dinosaur toys available in-store at Walmart for just $2.99 for 18. Here are some mini dino toys found on Amazon, if you’d like to shop from home. You could always use other little toys that you have around the house too!
  • The amount of water needed can vary a little. Try using as little water as possible but enough to make it a damp sand mixture that when squished, sticks together. Add more water as needed if it’s too dry.

diy dinosaur surprise eggs – The ingredients

Mixing the ingredients for DIY dinosaur eggs

kneading the ingredients for DIY dinosaur eggs

diy dinosaur surprise egg toys – Drying on a pan

DIY Dinosaur Surprise Eggs


Supplies Needed

  • 1 cup sand
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup coffee grounds (save and re-use some from previously made coffee)
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • about 1/2 cup water (or more based on feel)
  • small toy dinosaur toys



Using a large bowl, mix the sand, flour, coffee, and salt together well.


Add about half the water and mix well. You can even use your hands! Try using as little water as possible but enough to make it a damp sand mixture that when squished, sticks together. Add more water as needed if it’s too dry.


Put some of the mixture in your hand and place a mini dinosaur in the middle, then more sand on top. Mold into an egg shape using both hands.


Place on a tray and let dry for a couple of days, until completely hard and dry. Or you can bake them for 2 hours at 225 degrees in the oven.


Use tools like a hammer or toy hammer, mallet, chisel, etc. to open the eggs and reveal the surprise toy! For younger ones, if you get it a little wet, it may be easier.

DIY dinosaur eggs and finished eggs in the grass

This DIY dinosaur egg craft is DINO-Mite!

It’s messy and great FUN! I’d try to do this outside if possible and enjoy it. I love activities that encourage imaginative play like this, and I think your kids or grandkids will have such a great time with these DIY dinosaur eggs!

Check out what reader Loni said about this surprise toy craft:

“I did this with my little home preschool class a couple years ago. It was a HUGE hit!! They loved it! I just made them ahead of time for them to open. Made it more “realistic” for them I think. But I’m sure they would enjoy making them too! Also made some DIY dinosaur bones/fossils out of a homemade flour play dough and baked them. They were convinced they were real!”

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