This One-Step Tie-Dye Kit is the BEST!

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tulip tie-dye kit review

Looking for the best DIY tie-dye kit?

Tie-dye is back in a major way, not only as a craft, but also as a popular fashion trend. Instead of buying costly pieces, try making your own at home!

My pre-teen is currently obsessed with the tie-dye clothing trend, and we have been having fun coloring our own using the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit!

tulip tie-dye kit on the counter

This Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit is AMAZING and comes with everything you need!

I am not an expert at all at tie-dye and this kit easily has everything you’ll need to create some outstanding pieces! It comes with so many bright and bold color options, a table cover, rubber bands, multiple pairs of gloves, and easy to read instructions.

I feel like the $30 price tag (though it’s currently on sale at Joann Fabrics for under $25!) is worth it because it has 18 bottles and so many supplies with a nice storage container!

best tie-dye one step kit

A few reasons I  LOVE the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit:

  •  It has 18 squeezable bottles of highly-concentrated nontoxic dyes in 14 popular colors – just add water to activate. The bin itself is very nice too for storage.
  • This has enough supplies for up to 36 projects! It would be so fun to have a tie-dye themed party and do this as an activity.
  • It comes with about 8 pairs of gloves, a plastic tablecloth, and lots of rubber bands.
  • Dyes are safe to machine wash. I have found that the colors stay pretty bright and bold even with repeated washings. There is some fading, but not much!

tie-dye instructions on tulip kit

I love that you can try the different tie-dye techniques they suggest in the directions, or you can just do your own thing. There really isn’t a way to do tie-dye wrong — you just want to try not to do all the colors at once on top of each other to make a muddled looking mess.

making a tie-dye shirt with a kit

My daughter received the Tulip One-Step tye-die kit as a birthday gift, and we had a blast creating!

I love how easy this kit is to use. Basically all you do is first tie rubber bands on your shirt to create a design, fill the bottles with water and shake, and then apply the dye to the shirts!

You’ll then want to place the shirts in a plastic bag to keep them wet overnight to really let the dye soak in. When finished, remove the bands, rinse off the shirts in the sink, and wash/dry using your washer/dryer.

applying tye-die to shirts

tye-die shirts after dying

wet tye-die shirts

Here are my best tips for perfect tie-dying results:

  • I’ll for sure be bringing this activity outside next time! It is a messy craft and could easily stain things in your home you don’t want dyed. Thankfully the Magic Eraser does a good job of removing tie-dye spills from cabinets and counters!
  • Some people recommend soaking shirts in vinegar before the washer/dryer step for 30 minutes, as it’s supposed to make the color last even longer. I have not done that but would like to next time.
  • Tulip has amazing easy-to-follow tips on how to create specific designs at for helpful inspiration!
  • You’ll need to buy plain white pieces to tie-dye or use articles of clothing you have on hand. We used inexpensive boys cotton undershirts and loved the result.

tie-dye shirt on after drying

holding up a tye-die shirt

I am so obsessed with how cute these shirts turned out!

Once our shirts were rinsed, washed in a small amount of detergent, and then dried, they turned out amazing! Plus we had so much fun making them together. It’s a great activity to do at home, and this kit is perfect to use outside this summer with friends or family.

Put tie-dying on your summer bucket list for sure.

This is not a sponsored post, just a fun product that my daughter and I can’t stop raving about.

4th of July tie-dye from the tulip kit

Also, if you’re looking for some DIY tie-dye patriotic inspiration, we also embellished a plain white cotton tank top using the red and blue colors from the Tulip one-step kit. I feel like this turned out so fun and is on-trend! My daughter is looking forward to wearing it this summer!

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