Valentine’s Day Clearance Left Us Disappointed This Year. Did You Have Any Luck?

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hand holding Valentine's Day wood sign in store

Disappointed with this year’s post-holiday clearance drops?

All deal hunters know the BEST way to score the lowest prices on home decor, seasonal candy, and more is to stalk the clearance section right after the holidays. Unfortunately, we’ve been checking out a few of our favorite stores and haven’t had much luck finding hot Valentine’s Day buys.

On our most recent trip to Target, we found empty shelves reminiscent of the lacking grocery store shelves that are more and more common these days. 😩

However, just because our store aisles weren’t blessed with many Valentine’s Day bargains, doesn’t mean your store doesn’t have some hidden clearance aisles ready to be picked through! Clearance items, but especially seasonal clearance, are usually in places you wouldn’t think of looking.

For example, I’ve found MAJOR discounts on select toys in-store at Walmart after the Christmas season in and near the Garden Center. Stores like Walmart and Target also don’t always put out large clearance signs, so you’d likely miss some deals if you’re not checking price tags on shelves or the actual products.

Squishmallow Slipper Clearance

AND, always be sure to scan items because they may be marked down more than the tag shows! We discovered these cute Squishmallow Slippers on sale for $7 (regularly $11.88) BUT they scanned for just $4.50. 🙌🏼

Hip Tip: If you’re looking for deals at Walmart, be on the lookout for their special yellow sign or clearance tag! Yellow may be the universal color for clearance, because Target also uses yellow shelf tags to mark their clearance items.

Some lucky shoppers are sharing their Valentine’s Day clearance finds on Instagram!

Casey Clearance Craze found kids plushies, beauty gift sets, home decor and more on clearance. With 50% off being taken off automatically at the register, she was able to snag a few items for up to 90% off their retail price.

LivingWithSamm hit up her local Walgreens and found a TON of Disney tumblers, toys, candy and home decor on sale for up to a whopping 90% off!

Jay’s Hauls had more luck than our team did at their local Target, where he saw cute Valentine’s Day decor, craft supplies, writing utensils and more on clearance. AND many items were priced under a buck!

Have little readers at home? Lauren from TXFrugalFinds located some HOT deals on Valentine’s Day-themed children’s books!

cart full of michael's valentine's day clearance items

The shelves in-store may be lacking this year, but we were able to find SOME V-Day clearance in-store and online at Michaels! We also spotted clearance decor and home items at Kohl’s, but only a very limited amount is still available for purchase online.

What’s better than clearance? These freebies, of course!