Washi Tape Crafts: 25+ Creative Ideas You’ll Love!

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Add color and pattern to your life without commitment by using washi tape! Try just one of these creative washi tape crafts and you will be hooked on this fun tape. These projects are easy – perfect for beginners.

Washi tape crafts Over 25 creative ideas

What would you make or update if I told you it would be easy to undo it if you didn’t like it? Would you finally put a bright color on that boring white table? Would you add bold stripes to your walls?

Or maybe you might test out that craft idea you’ve been afraid to try? DO IT!! No, this isn’t a motivational post about pushing past your fears. This is a post about washi tape!

What is so special about washi tape?

Washi tape has been around since 2006 and is something every crafter should have on hand. In fact, there are so many things you can do with it that I wrote a book about it in 2015.

But why is it so cool?

Because this patterned paper tape is inexpensive, comes in a ton of colors and designs . . . and most importantly it is easily removable and reusable. Didn’t make a straight line? Pull it up and try again. Not sure about a color? Pull it up and select another.

Now you know why so many people jumped on the washi tape bandwagon years ago!

If you haven’t already, I’m sure you will after you check out this list of really creative ways to use washi tape in crafts, home design and more! Scroll down and let me know which one you want to try first.

Washi Tape Crafts

Add color and pattern without commitment by using washi tape! If you try just one of these creative washi tape crafts you will definitely be hooked.


Cute Clocks

Photo Credit: tellloveandparty.com

Sara was cruising IKEA for a fun project and saw plain white clocks for only 99¢ each! She knew she could easily update them with washi tape. They are so cute.


DIY Magnets

Learn how to make magnets with washi tape and glass marbles! These are SO easy and make great gifts.


Washi Tape Flowers

Learn to make washi tape flowers – the easy way! You’ll use just a few craft supplies, and anyone can make flowers with this method, including kids.


Gallery Wall

Photo Credit: honestlywtf.com

No need to spend a fortune on framing your favorite prints! Just outline them with washi tape and get a fun gallery wall.


DIY Washi Tape Cards

Photo Credit: www.omiyageblogs.ca

There are a variety of washi tape patterns which makes this the perfect washi tape craft for any holiday or celebration! These DIY cards are simple - easy enough for kids.


Photo Frame

Photo Credit: Amy Anderson

Learn how to make an ice cream stick photo frame the easy way! This DIY popsicle stick frame is so simple even a kid could do it.



Photo Credit: Sarah Lafia

Sarah got this amazing art deco look on her plain IKEA cabinet using black washi tape. It's easier to create a geometric design than you think!


Easter Eggs

Photo Credit: lovelyindeed.com

Cut pieces of washi tape and create designs on your Easter eggs: geometric, polka dots and more!


Washi Tape Lamp Shade

Do you have a lamp that feels like it needs just a little something extra? That's where patterned tape comes in! This is a super simple project and looks great with your home decor.


DIY Washi Letter

Photo Credit: marielyvp.blogspot.com

One of the easiest washi tape crafts ever is decorating a letter! You can do it with one letter, initials, an entire name . . . very simple home decor that you can create in minutes.


Pineapple Print

Washi tape adds great color and fun to this pineapple print. What perfect way to add a pop of color to your home décor!


Washi Tape Paper Chain Garland

Photo Credit: ChiWei Ranck

Learn how to make a washi tape paper chain garland in the style of old construction paper chains. They're great for parties and decorating for Christmas!


Christmas Card Tree

This Christmas card tree is a no-fuss way to display the holiday cards that arrive in your mailbox each day! It comes right off the wall when you’re done.


Covered Tin

Interested in Altoids tin crafts? There are a lot of ideas out there for how to upcycle them, but this washi tape one is the easiest!


Mini Pallet Coasters

Photo Credit: club.chicacircle.com

Pauline made these adorable mini coasters and then covered them with washi tape. They make some awesome coasters, don't they?

You can also see a version with regular ceramic tiles here.


Geometric Heart

Photo Credit: www.homeyohmy.com

Just like the Christmas Card Tree above, this geometric wall art can easily be removed and replaced whenever you get new inspiration.


Temporary Wallpaper

Photo Credit: www.brit.co

Want a wallpaper look without the wallpaper commitment? Try a washi tape mural. Perfect for a pop of color in an apartment because it is easily removed!

You can also see how washi was applied to a door to make it more interesting here.


Notebooks & Pencils

Photo Credit: Lia Griffith

Use pretty and colorful washi tape to make your pencils and notebook look as adorable as these! You can follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to change your back to school tools from drab to delightful!


Wooden Bracelets

Photo Credit: www.mamamiss.com

Did you know popsicle sticks can be soaked in water so they bend? Cover them with fun washi tape colors and designs to make bracelets!


Luggage Tags

Photo Credit: Aki Altuna

Make DIY luggage tags that make a statement! Customize these cute tags any way you like with washi tape, Mod Podge and scrapbook paper.


Colorful Bookmarks

Photo Credit: www.whitehousecrafts.net

If you've got some colored cardstock, grab some basic supplies to make bookmarks! These are perfect to make in bulk for students or even as party favors.


Hair Pins

Photo Credit: Vanessa Brady

Use washi tape and Mod Podge to customize your own super cute hair pins! This fun tutorial shows you how to make them in just a matter of minutes.


Chair Accent

Photo Credit: Heidi Gustad

Everyone loves washi tape crafts! In this tutorial, Heidi shows you how to seal washi tape on furniture with Mod Podge. It's so easy!


Clothespin Wreath

Photo Credit: mommysnippets.com

You can make this cute Valentine's Day wreath in less than an hour! It looks cool with the use of 2 different size clothespins. The patterns are easy with washi tape!


Pretty Flower Pot

Photo Credit: www.albiongould.com

This is a super fast project that really makes a terra cotta pot look unique! You'll want to seal from both the inside and the outside before applying the washi tape.


Light Switch Covers

Photo Credit: Cindy Hopper

Now these are cute! I love the bright colors and prints. A light switch cover is a small place to test out pops of color in a room. Seal this washi tape craft with Mod Podge.


Basket Pizzazz

Photo Credit: createandbabble.com

Jeanie updated one of her Longaberger baskets using fun washi tape choices. If you don't have the patience for all of these cuts, you could just do the handle for a little pizzazz.


Decorate Utensils

Photo Credit: tikkido.com

Give boring plasticware a fun touch. You can find washi tape that goes with any party theme! It works on both plastic and wood spoons.


Glitter Tassels

Photo Credit: www.whitehousecrafts.net

These easy to make tassels look great on gifts, as ornaments, or hanging from a backpack. I love a glitter project with no mess!

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