Weekend Rewind: Fall, Football, and Friends

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After sharing our meal plan for the week with you, I sat on the porch with David and sipped tea in the cool fall weather. The kids slept until after 10:00 (we really need to get back on a schedule!), so I took advantage of the morning time to go grocery shopping.

I went to Publix, spent roughly $125 (tracking for my upcoming grocery budget post), and returned home as my sleepy people were rolling out of bed.

We ate breakfast, worked out, prepped veggies, showered, and headed to Davidson to meet up with friends at Brickhouse. We ate and watched most of the Georgia game (#1!!) before heading down the street to Davidson College.

Living so close to Davidson, I can’t believe this was our first time making it to a game. It exceeded every expectation we had! There was a great energy to the stadium and it was definitely football weather. The kids LOVED it.

Being a smaller college, the girls could get right up close the cheerleaders and they spent a good amount of the time emulating them. They were stunting and cheering and Kaitlyn, most of all, was losing her mind over it all. It was such a fun night!

Sunday Hailey had two soccer games, but I stayed home to play catch up. I went for a run, did the sauna blanket (use AHS for $75 off), then hammered out a few hours on the computer.

Of course the one time I don’t go, she gets to kick the penalty kick and SCORED! Luckily David videoed it and sent to it me. She was so excited. The good news, though, is that the gift guides are almost ready!

Not sure about you, but I’m trying to get all my shopping done on the early side this year. If you’re in the same boat, I hope these guides will be helpful for you! They take a lot of time to make, but I am really thoughtful about what I include. It’s a combination of things we already own and love and can vouch for, and items that we’re sending to Santa on our lists. I’m releasing them all this week!

Sunday night was a rare treat- a girls night! Molly was in town and we met up for dinner and catch up. I miss having her just down the road, but am so happy they’re enjoying their new life in Michigan.

I picked up some craft supplies on the way home and got home just as David was cleaning up dinner (excellent timing on my part!). He had promised to watch an episode of The Mandalorian with the kids, so I joined in. In the middle of it, the doorbell rang… we had been Boo’ed! And the girls lost their minds. I know what we’ll be doing this afternoon now 🙂

More presence and patience? Maybe it’s the fall season, but I am in a good flow of being present.

More time outside? Porch time, 2 run/walks, and the college game.

Less phone? Less for sure.

Read a novel? No. Clearly it’s not a habit for me yet. I did order a bedside lamp that should arrive today and I think that will help.

Less alcohol? Saturday, yes, more than I intended. Those pumpkin beers with the sugar rim will sucker you in! Yesterday, none. I’m at 7/15 days.

Meditate? Yes, on Sunday during my sauna session.

Track groceries? I spent $125 at Publix and have to swing by Costco today. Tomorrow marks the end of my one month tracking exercise. I’ll continue to track but I’m interested in diving into the one month of data, too!