10 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Customized Closet In Your Home

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The average American home contains over 300,000 items. In the past 50 years, the size of our homes has tripled. And one-in-ten of us rents storage space.

We have a lot of stuff. And we need a place to put all of our stuff. But theres more to organizing than just tossing stuff in a closet and forgetting about it.

Each item deserves its own spot where it belongs. A place where you can find it and return it easily. One simple way to accomplish that is by building a customized closet.

If youve ever dreamed of building a closet system, keep reading. Were giving you 10 great reasons why you need to build a customized closet in your home.

1. A Customized Closet Increases Productivity

Custom master closets not only look great, but theyre designed specifically to make your life easier. All of a sudden, you throw open the doors to your closet and you can actually see everything you own.

You know exactly where everything is and its easy to put things away when youre done with them. Theres a system set up that makes life easier. And that contributes to higher productivity levels.

You wont be late to work because you cant find the shirt you want to wear. Instead, youll find it immediately and get on with your day. Organizing means you get more done in less time because youre not wasting time looking for items.

2. Organization Lowers Stress Levels

Studies show a correlation between stress and clutter. Americans waste 9 million hours each day looking for lost items. Thats stressful.

Clutter also causes feelings of overwhelm. Its hard to make good decisions when youre feeling so anxious you cant decide where to even begin.

When you build a closet organizer, its built to your specifications. That means, not only do you know where everything is, all your stuff looks neat and tidy as well.

3. Maximized Space

A poorly designed closet can actually reduce the amount of space you have to store all your items. Not all homes were built during a time when closet space was so necessary.

Professionals will come in and do precise measuring to help you design a closet that maximizes the space you have. Suddenly, youll have room to properly store all your favorite belongings.

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4. Reflects Your Style

The best part about a customized closet is that it reflects your own personal style. A team of professionals comes to your home to help you find the best closet construction ideas that work for what you own and how you live.

And thats different for everyone. Maybe you like clean lines or maybe you prefer to give yourcloset a more feminine look. Whatever it is you need to store, a customized closet makes sure you keep everything clean, safe, and easily accessible.

5. It Holds All Your Stuff

modern closet with clothes

Maybe you have tons of shoes you need storage space for. Maybe dresses are your weakness and you own over 100 of them.

Maybe youre a t-shirt and jeans kind of person and you need space to house all your iconic t-shirts. Whatever you own, it doesnt matter.

With a custom closet, its designed to hold everything you own in a way that keeps everything neat and tidy.

6. Its a Luxury

Everyone deserves to feel as though theyre living in the lap of luxury. While you may not be able to afford a yacht, a customized closet designed just for you is affordable.

This is one way to easily have your cake and eat it too.

7. Increases the Value of Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, that closet you customized may end up being a huge selling point for buyers. No one likes small closets where you have to cram in tons of stuff.

Instead, potential buyers want to walk into the master bedroom and discover a stunning-looking closet where they can imagine placing their own belongings. For some people, its like discovering their own man cave/woman cave.

8. They Help You Save Money

How much are custom closets? It depends on the size and extra features you need but they are more affordable than you think.

And theyll help you save money in the long run. Thats because you wont end up buying items you already have because you couldnt find it.

And you can store everything properly so you wont cause damage to sweaters, shoes or purses. Having a customized closet may inspire you to get more organized in other areas, such as your finances.

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9. Youll Start Dressing Better

A messy closet means its hard to find your favorite items. Often, youll find something you love crumpled on the floor.

When you have a custom closet made it makes finding everything easier. When you can see everything at a glance, its easier to cull through them to donate items you no longer use, like or need.

After youve donated everything you dont want, youre left with a closet full of items that fit you well, look good on you, and make you feel amazing. Youll automatically start dressing and feeling better.

10. Professionals Help You Build Exactly What You Need

custom walk-in closets design

There are tons of closet construction ideas you can use to create the perfect closet for your needs and budget. But having a professional designer create one specifically for you means you eliminate errors commonly made.

Not everyone is great at measuring properly, but a custom closet maker wont make those types of errors. And if youre disorganized, you probably dont have a clue as to how your closet needs in order to function in a way that helps get and keep you organized.

A professional closet installer works with all types of closets and all types of people. They can help recommend the best features that will help make your life happier, healthier, and more productive.

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