6 Things We Learned From Chrissy Teigens Pantry Organizer

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Chrissy Teigen posted her freshly organized pantry on Instagram, and the internet went crazynaturally. Everything Chrissy doesand everything she tweetsseems to be cause for frenzy, but her hyper-organized pantry was one viral thread we simply could not ignore. A turntable devoted to just Tabasco? An inexplicably satisfying clear drawer full of tea bags? And who was responsible for this wizardry? Was it Joanna and Cleo, the acclaimed organizers of The Home Edit, behind Khloe Kardashians pantry and Mandy Moores closet?

Nope, its Ra Safford, owner of ROrganize, a relatively new Southern California-based organizing company specializing in full-service luxury organization. Given that this terminology conjures up images of a fairy godmother flying to the rescue, armed with interlocking bins and a label maker (or is that just me?), we had to reach out to her and get the inside info. We asked her about her methodology, and snuck a few questions in about this particular job, too, because who doesnt want to get a look inside Chrissy Teigens pantry? Here are 6 things we learned.