9 Shoe Bags for Travel That’ll Let You Easily Pack Every Pair

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If there’s one item that always proves to be a pain to pack, it’s shoes. With everything else—clothing, purses, even hats—you have some flexibility with how you fold and arrange them to ensure everything fits in your suitcase. But with shoes, what you see is pretty much what you get. You can’t exactly fold your sneakers or wedges in half to make them more compact, so you’ve got to get creative with other ways to make packing shoes as painless as possible. One of those options? Using shoe bags for travel to keep your footwear sorted from the rest of your stuff.

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Not only can this make your suitcase more streamlined and organized to begin with, but it can also protect your clothing from the dirt and grime your shoes are bound to pick up during your travels. It’s a smart solution all-around and a worthy investment if you’re prone to shoving shoes into your suitcase wherever they’ll fit. If you’re ready to up your packing game, read on for our round-up of the best shoe bags for travel.



9 Best Shoe Bags For Travel

The best shoes for traveling aren’t always the easiest to pack, which is why a separate organizer for footwear is always a good idea. Keep scrolling for some of our favorites.



Cloth Shoe Bags For Travel

If you like your suitcase to look as good as the outfits you packed, cloth shoe bags are the way to go. They’re available in tons of different materials and colors to match your aesthetic, and many include a handle for easy carrying.


Compakt Shoe Bags

Our love for the CALPAK brand runs deep, and their shoe bags definitely live up to the hype. Along with a handle for carrying, this set of two features a top flap zipper with an interior mesh pocket that could easily store an additional pair of flat sandals. Available in over a dozen on-trend colors and patterns, these do the job and look good doing it. 


Compakt Shoe Bag - Set of 2

10+ colors available


Shoe Packing Cube

Keep individual shoes separate from each other with this divided shoe organizer. Made of water-resistant nylon, it’s the perfect solution if you’re worried about your favorite travel shoes getting scuffed or marred in transit.


The Shoe Cube

3 colors available


Waxed Canvas Travel Shoe Bag

The high-quality canvas material is what sold us on this shoe bag. It features a wax coating that makes it extra durable and ensures it’ll wear well over time. Plus, you can monogram it with your initials for added personalization.

Mark & Graham

Waxed Canvas Travel Shoe Bag

2 colors available


Clear Shoe Bags For Travel

Sorting your items into packing cubes is one of our best packing tips, but it’s even more effective if those individual bags are clear. That way, you can easily see what’s inside each one without having to rummage around your suitcase. Shoe bags are no exception, which is why these clear picks are ideal for a super-organized suitcase:


CleanTrvlr Shoe Bags

Sold in a set of three, these no-fuss drawstring bags are perfect for protecting your shoes from scuffs and keeping dirt contained on the go. The tear-resistant construction is designed to last through 25 trips or more, so you’re set for a while.


Clear Nylon Shoe Bags

These bags have a translucent front that allows you to see what’s inside, while the waterproof material keeps any smells or dirt contained. A small carrying handle at the top makes them easy to grab and go—or hang at home in your closet!


Waterproof Shoe Bags For Travel

If your itinerary involves activities near water, add a waterproof shoe bag to your list of travel essentials. Headed back to your hotel from the beach? Toss your damp, sandy shoes into one of these bags to keep the rest of your beach bag mess-free. Packing up at the end of your trip? Toss any wet or muddy shoes in a separate waterproof sack to avoid dirtying up your whole suitcase.


Water-Resistant Shoe Storage

Since this shoe bag can fold completely flat, you can simply slip it into your bag and keep it there until you need it. Thanks to the carrying handle, it’s easy to tote back with you from the pool, beach, or trail.


Water Resistant Travel Shoe Bags

8 colors available


Waterproof Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

Made of waterproof nylon, these shoe bags zip up securely to keep any moisture contained. The set includes both standard and extra-large sizes, so you can pack a variety of styles or multiple shoes in one bag.


Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4

10 colors available


Large Shoe Bags for Travel

If you truly can’t live without a whole selection of shoes while you travel, this is the solution for you. Big enough to pack several shoes at once, these organizers were made for those with a shoe collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw.


6-Pair Travel Shoe Bag

This unique bag flips open to reveal six separate compartments for a whole week’s worth of shoes. It even has a pass-through pocket on the back so you can slide it over your luggage handle. So go ahead, fill your entire personal item with shoes—no judgment here!


Sneaker Duffle Bag

This option is great if you have several pairs of investment shoes that you’d be devasted to lose or get damaged. Thanks to the adjustable dividers, it can keep up to four pairs of shoes separate so you don’t have to worry about one pair dirtying another. Plus, it makes a great gift for the sneakerhead in your life!


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