Chrissy Teigens Freshly Organized Pantry Looks Like a Store

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Chrissy Teigens kitchen pantry is on fireand we arent just talking about her excessive hot sauce collection. The celebrity chefs space just got a makeover courtesy of pro organizer Ra Safford, and now every condiment, snack, and soup can has a place. Its like a perfectly stocked store, one follower accurately commented on Teigens Instagram reveal post. Even Marie Kondo applauded its supreme tidiness.

The closet wasnt necessarily messy to begin with, at least by the look of the before snapshots Safford shared on her Instagram Stories, it just wasnt very efficient: The shelves were lined with bulky white bins and there were pizza boxes inexplicably stacked up to the ceiling. Our goal was to create a space with more breathing room, ample visibility of all of her items, and easy accessibilityto the everyday essentials, Safford tells Domino.The expert revealed that she used products from iDesign (a staple brand at The Container Store) to get the nook in tip-top shapealong with these clever organization ideas:

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The Turntable Corner

Too many turntables? No such thing! Safford once declared in an Instagram post. Before the pro arrived on the scene, Teigen was tossing her bottles in large baskets, making it difficult to grab the right one. To make things more easily accessible, Safford placed lazy susans on Teigens deepest shelves, dedicating each one to a different type of dressing (tabasco, olive oil, etc).

The Snack Drawers

Safford admits that the built-in drawers, once stuffed with baby bottles, werent being used to their full potential.These spots made more sense as storage for on-the-go breakfasts, snacks, and family medicinesone is dedicated solely to granola ingredients, including all kinds of nuts (raw almonds, salted almonds, pecans). Safford scrapped the original packages for clear, lidded boxes to carve out even more room.

The Jam Platforms

Grouping foods by category is just the first step. The next part is making sure you can actually see everything. Saffords number-one rule: Know your inventory! Cataloging what you have and why you have it means nothing will go to waste.

Teigen used to corral all her soup cans and jam jars in the back of the shelves. Now, every single item is visible on expandable, three-tiered shelves. The arrangement is a simple way to step up yourgame.

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