Day 1 - February Organizing Challenge

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Welcome to the 29 Day Organizing Challenge hosted by me, Valerie Cady, Professional Organizer with Winnow & Spruce Organizing.

I’ll be posting from here, my blog, in live video and on Facebook and Instagram too to bring you an organizing challenge each day in the month of February. Look for the challenge on Facebook each morning to start off your day.

If you miss one, don’t give up, just jump back in the next day.

For those of you who like some competition, I’ll offer up a prize each week! To enter this week’s contest, post a photo of your work this week , the more days you post, the more entries you gain!. You may post it in the comments here on the blog or on my Facebook page.

It can be a:



before & after

a struggle that you’re facing

a success that you achieved!

Everyone that posts a photo this week will get entered in a drawing for a prize! I’ll announce the first winner on Sunday, February 9, 2020. I hope you win!

Now on to the first challenge and our first category!


Walk through your home, room by room, and take down any pictures/framed art that you are tired of and put in piles to donate, give away or sell. (If you want to know the best way to sell your framed art, type a message in the comments).

Focus on what art you want to KEEP on your walls - at the very least, shine up the glass and dust off the frames. Give your framed art some LOVE.

Any framed art that you want to KEEP but don’t want on your walls, wrap up in packing paper and packing tape and store in a closet. Anything worth keeping, is worth keeping well.

Writing a name on the paper will help you remember what it is later. Especially important if you are moving (like me!) or plan to. If you’re giving items away, you can write the name of the person on the paper and place in their brown paper bag.

Then move on to empty picture frames - we all have them! Go fetch them from all the random places they are stashed. Again, focus on the ones you want to KEEP and remember the Dollar Tree has nice frames for $1, so no need to stockpile a storage of empty frames unless you are an artist or photographer. Consider KEEPing just one of each size, in the material that you adore - be it metal, wood or ceramic. If it’s sentimental, then put a photo in it and display it. No sense keeping things you love stored away collecting dust and in the dark.

Make a separate pile of items to take down to the frame shop and get properly framed. You’ve been meaning to do this for some time now. Today’s the day!

Be sure to post a photo in the comments and share your work with us!

Any questions, always bravely ask! Many will share their answers and appreciate the information.

All the BEST with Challenge 1.