My Minimal Hoarding Life - 2019 Resolution - August Check In

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Wow! A month already gone but that is life, we have to make the best of the time we have because before you know it, time has slipped passed us. Don`t put off what we can do today till tomorrow.
I make four resolutions, or goals, to accomplish each year. Some years I make it with all of them, some years I do not. Usually two are easy and two are hard.
I make a word, or phrase, of how I plan to be for the year and this year I have chosen " Dream it, Do It." I chose this because I am making my dreams come true a little at a time, the time to get them finished is now, year 2019!
Here are my 2019 resolutions :

1 - Reduce Spending By Half
I actually had to stop and think, I mean really think about spending in August!
I cannot recall buying anything except food, medication and gas for the car the whole month.
I am sure I am passed that urge to impulse buy. I don`t feel the need to have more.
100% accomplished.
2 - Reduce Stuff By Half

I have worked on this one for sure! For one, I might be moving soon and I`m not taking a bunch of junk with me that I do not need. 
I have worked through most of the what not`s and gave them away or sold them, however, I did keep a few of my favorites.
One closet is done with only pillows,blankets and Christmas decor.
I have a couple tubs left in the garage and I know its all going into the trash can so I will take the trash bags, fill them and haul it off to the dump.
As slow as this process feels, I am making it happen. 
100% accomplished.
3 - Set Up Sunshine`s Homestead Creations Store

While this resolution is one of the harder ones, it is still doable.
I began working on this one in the winter and where I had thought I wanted everything placed it was all wrong, I now know where and how. No I have not began the actual grade off for the building, it is settled, I do have a space.
I have started with safety and alarm systems first, as told to me by the attorney to do, so I am working on this one and I "see" it and that is a huge plus for me. To see it will come together.
Beginning September I will add a new line of products to the online store that I have tested over the summer. Check out what I have to offer at the online store : Sunshine`s Homestead Creations
 100% accomplished.
4 -  Cut Out Sweets - Kick diabetes ass!

After month two of the new 1200 calorie a day diet, well, its not really a diet I can eat what I want just keep it to 1200 calories and exercise more, I am doing better.
The first month I lost 3 and 1/2 pounds, when I was supposed to have lost 4, a pound a week.
Now that another month has passed I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. For month two I lost 5 and 1/2 pounds, making the total of 9 pounds gone.
While I did not get to walk or exercise everyday I did as many days as I could. I am still having a problem wanting sweets but I walk away from them more now than I give in.
Still I know I can do better so this is just 75% accomplishment.

So, that is how I am doing with my 2019 new year resolutions, how are you doing with yours?
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