Our New Gift Wrap Organizer

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I am bound and determined to get my house organized so I have all like items stored together. This not only makes a lot of sense, but will certainly make tasks much easier as I will know where everything I need is to complete that task. Our new craft center has been amazing. Far better than I ever could have imagined and I'm super happy about it. I want to continue with the organization and decided my gift wrapping supplies would be next.

I was happy to see how heavy duty this organizer is

The selling feature here is the roll storage - yes!

I had a nice large tote to hold most of our supplies, however the rolls of wrapping paper have always been problematic. They've not had the best home propped up against the wall next to the hot water heater. They fall over and get bumped, just not ideal at all. I found an organizer on Amazon that would hold everythingin one place, including the rolls, and it hangs up on a closet rod eliminating the bulky tote being stored on the closet floor.

I couldn't believe the pockets were large enough
to hold all of my gift bags & gift boxes

Loads of pockets on the other side to hold bows,
ribbons, tape & scissors as well as my gift tags

The organizer is a gray canvas bag much like a garment bag. It has different sized clear vinyl pockets that zip closed so I was able to sort and keep everything neat and protected as well as easily accessible.

Tags, scissors & tape in one pocket

Two pockets hols all of my sticky bows

These are pretty large spools of ribbon

Once it was all loaded up I realized just how much wrap, gift boxes, cello bags, bows and ribbons, tissue paper, gift bags and tags I actually had.

In retrospect I probably didn't need this wrap after all

But I have a great place to keep it while I use it all up

Way too much, in my opinion, and likely enough stuff to last me for several years. I don't plan to purchase anything new for a long time to come.