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It’s more of an unboxing situation and full of show and tells and with the big debate as to whether I’ll keep the new pieces, or return. These are not curated outfits. Here’s how/why it went down: the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started and while this post is absolutely not sponsored by them—nor is everything from there—it is basically the only sale I get super excited for because it’s NEW season pieces, not the dregs of prior months, at something like 40% off for a limited time (the sale ends August 4th but things sell out INSANELY FAST). But I’ve been up at the mountain house or super busy with projects and shoots so I was unable to go try things on myself (which I much prefer to do). I ordered a bunch online to pick up in store and sadly, a lot of the things I wanted weren’t available to get here in time to shoot this (which is why we put it in a roundup at the end), but I figured what did come, I’d try on for ya’ll.

Now, remember, if it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a NO because my closet is very small and I actually hate owning clothes that I don’t wear. So it can’t be just “cute.” It has to be either something I really need or something that is just rad.

Let’s begin.

1. Solene Lace Trim Shirt | 2. Distressed Levi’s Shorts | 3. Nestel Knee High Boot

Well, it’s about time my inner Jessica Simpson circa 2002 appeared. This is one of those looks that Californians (or maybe Texans, too) wear to participate in “seasons.” It’s warm throughout the year but we want to enjoy winter clothes like the rest of you (thus the thigh-high boots) so obviously, we wear them with tiny shorts. Ideally, this would be with a dress, but I’m actually kinda into it, while knowing that there is something kinda cheesy about the whole look. I’ve had the shorts for a while, I just got the blouse (not from the sale) but we are here to talk about the boots.

I LOVE these, not shockingly because I love a nude shoe. Having thigh-high boots be in such a neutral is the perfect quiet statement that I like because it doesn’t attract too much attention and steal from the outfit, but it’s a clear style choice. They aren’t slouchy (which I have always found really unattractive) nor are they elastic. Plus, they are not a fortune. The site says to order a half size up, but I’m normally a 7 and they fit fine in my normal size.


1. The Dre Ripped Jeans | 2. Rounded V-Neck Tee | 3. Kit Wool Blend Shirt Jacket | 4. Studded Bootie

Here we have new boyfriend jeans, a Pendleton wool coat (with a soft lining) and boots.

JEANS: These are a HELL YES. Not shocking they are Rag and Bone, a brand that makes strangely well-fitting jeans. They are slouchy, but still slimming and the cuff is perfect (and I don’t have a jean that has a cuff so OBVIOUSLY, I needed one).

SHIRT: YES. At $15, you can’t beat this T-shirt. I like a scoop and a V, and I like loose, but fitted in the pits so this checks off all my boxes. I wish it were slightly shorter but that’s because I have a short torso.

SHOES: YES. I was attracted to the boots because of their cute British Invasion appeal but questioned the studs. I still KINDA question the black studs, but you guys, these boots are SO LIGHT. It says on the tag “light,” so I don’t know if there is a heavy version of them, but I’m telling you right now they are so incredibly comfortable and easy to get on and off that despite the studs, they are a “Hell yes” from me. I just really wanted to wear them all weekend. Plus, they are a great height for the jeans and tuck in really nicely (and make your ankles look strangely small—if you are into that kind of thing).

1. Wubby Fleece Pullover | 2. High Waisted Denim Shorts | 3. Cate Waterproof Lace-Up Boot

PULLOVER: HELL YES. It’s the softest, coziest ever. I have a zippy from the same brand so I’m still debating if I need two, but if you are in the market for a pullover, it is one that you will want to sleep in, trust me.

SHORTS: I’ve had these for a year or so, but yes I recommend them.

SHOES: YES. They are Sorrel so they are waterproof and while I don’t need them for LA, I definitely do for the mountain house (where it snows in the winter). I have hiking shoes but these are the perfect fall/winter shoes to go out to dinner in as they have a bit of a heel. Extremely comfortable and tight-fitting (in a good way).

1. Square Neck Sweater | 2. Ribcage High Waist Straight Leg Jeans | 3. Dakota Clog in Cognac

SWEATER: YES. The sleeves are fun, have flattering proportions and I like a square neck.

JEANS: These are not a hell yes for me, but I think that they are awesome (and my team agreed). Here’s why: I have a short torso and ample love pillows, plus I’ve had two kids so high-waisted pants are harder for me. These are literally called “The Ribcage” so yeah, they are high. They are rad though and the fit is great. I wore a 27 and should have sized down (and maybe I would have liked them more as they might have been tighter and kept things in better. But ultimately, I know that I don’t ever opt for my high waisted pants currently in my closet, so I’m not going to hoard more of them despite these being affordable and two thumbs up.

SHOES: These are not on sale in any way, but they are my new favorite everyday shoes. Yes, they are from Rachel Comey. I really should just start working there…

1. Fast Track Jacket | 2. 501 High Waist Ripped Cutoff Denim Shorts | 3. Soft 7 III Slip-On Sneaker

PULLOVER: YES. Everyone freaked out about it. It’s incredibly cute and flattering. I’ve never bought the brand Sweaty Betty before but will now. It’s definitely good for workouts but cute enough to wear anywhere. My only beef with it is that it doesn’t have a pocket for a phone. Most workout pants now have that, but still. Then PLOT TWIST, we found the pocket…in the middle of the back—YAY—but it’s slightly too small for the larger iPhones. WHY? Don’t brands test these things?!? You can shove it in there, but it’s VERY tight and hard to get in and out. But it’s still a hell yes, because the fit, color and style are so cute.

SHORTS: I really like Levi’s shorts apparently.

SHOES: YES. I needed new sneakers. I don’t really believe in laces and these are FAR more affordable than my Vince ones (which I love more but the sole is getting so dirty hiking around behind our house). These are my new “throw on and walk around” shoes that aren’t as precious to me and I can leave up here.
Now…onto the coats: 
I have no real idea why I ordered so many coats and such statement coats at best. I live in LA, although I need one for up here. Anyway, almost all of them are too big which is quite the bummer, but I can still weigh in on how I feel about them and whether I’m going to keep them (and by keep, I mean exchange for another size).

Grid Plaid Pleat Back Wool Blend Coat: I like a tweed coat and I wear so much denim that I need coats that aren’t blue. This is too oversized for me (definitely size down). Half of my team gave it a thumbs up, the other down. It’s not a hell yes for me and it’s still $200 even on sale, so it’s a no, but the back is pretty cute.

Single Breasted Wool Blend Coat: Apparently, I’m into this silhouette because I ordered the same coat in blue. We liked this WAY more but it’s still too oversized (I ordered a small) with the sleeves even being too long. Hey fashion designers, if you are going to do oversized (which I typically love), the armpits, arms and sleeves need to be slimming otherwise it just swallows you, drowns you out and is actually kinda uncomfortable to wear. They are out of XS now, otherwise, I might have tried it because the color is good, the buttons in the back are special and I like the single-breasted styled.

Wool Top Coat with Faux Shearling Collar: It’s a joke around here how many plaid coats I have, but I don’t have any WINTER coats. I also really subscribe to the Levi’s brand and recently became “Mountain Emily” so when Levi’s came out with this, I wanted to give it a go. Ultimately it’s A. too big, and B. too loud. Had it been charcoal plaid or even a navy, I would have gone for it. I love the faux fur collar, but I felt silly wearing it.

Notched Collar Faux Fur Coat: I’m trying my hand with the teddy bear look but same story: too big. But the real reason it’s a NO is that the inside is SO uncomfortable. You can feel every huge stitch so if you are into it visually, be prepared to wear a long sleeve shirt or layer with a sweater. Not sure why they would do that.

Now for the complete opposite:

Faux Shearling Moto Jacket: This coat is the single most soft and comfortable thing that I’ve ever put on in my life. And yes, the fur is on the entirety of the inside. But I don’t love love love the color and fabric of the outside. And yet, I didn’t want to take it off or hand it back over to my assistant to return. So I’m still on the fence about this one. I know I would wear it a lot up here out of comfort and desire, but I don’t think it’s that cool. I suppose the solution is to keep shopping and try to find a version that is as comfortable, but one that I like a bit more stylistically. Regardless, this one is too big so I might try a size down (definitely size down) and see if I have the same reaction to it.

So there you go. A lot of YES when it comes to the shoes, and NO on coats with a huge yes on jeans and sweaters. Now, there were a lot of other things I wanted to try that couldn’t get here in time (and we wanted to post this before everything sells out) so instead, we rounded them up for you. Again, I haven’t tried these things on sadly, so I can’t vouch for any of it, but I like it VISUALLY and maybe you will, too.

1. Little Runaway Blouse | 2. Sloan Bootie | 3. Stripe Detail Open Front Cotton & Wool Blend Cardigan | 4. Glacier Sunset Water Resistant Fleece Coat | 5. The Dre Ripped Slim Boyfriend Jeans | 6. Arletta Over the Knee Boot | 7. Ward Knit Slip-On Sneaker | 8. Stripe Cashmere Sweater | 9. Elyssa Bootie | 10. Topstitch Twill Miniskirt | 11. Nestel Knee High Boot | 12. Patch Pocket Pullover Sweater | 13. Noreen Waterproof Knee High Boot | 14. Geo Print Belted Shirtdress | 15. Melrose Genuine Shearling Bootie | 16. Scooped Neck Ribbed Tee | 17. Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoe | 18. Straight Leg Cord Trousers | 19. Crest Vibe Platform Sneaker | 20. The Leverage Ankle Cargo Pants | 21. Uchee Knee High Boot

***photography by Veronica Crawford


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