33 Meatless Thanksgiving Recipes

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33 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes

What can vegetarians eat on Thanksgiving? Speaking as a vegetarian, I dont need or expect a designated entre. Im happy enjoying hearty side dishes, like salads made with wild rice or chickpeas. Pass the mashed potatoes, please!

That said, youll find plenty of colorful main dishes in the list below. From veggie lasagna to stuffed acorn squash, these recipes will appeal to the whole crowd. Meat-like substitutes are typically underwhelming, so you wont find any here.

If youve been wondering what to serve the vegetarian (or vegan) at your Thanksgiving table, this roundup is for you. The recipes are organized by category. Youll find easy main dishes, filling salads, creamy soups and mostly savory side dishes. The recipes that are also gluten free and/or vegan are labeled accordingly.

At the end of the post, youll find links to recipes that will round out Thanksgiving Day, including breakfast options, appetizers, cocktails and desserts. For more ideas, check out my full Thanksgiving archives or use the search bar if youre looking for something in particular. Have a great weekend!

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