40 Times When People Received Hate For The Weirdest Things Ever, As Shared In This Online Community

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Michael Corleone once said in The Godfather 3: "Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment." If you change "enemies" to "people" in this quote, then you get, perhaps, perfect advice for behavior in any society. The problem is that no matter how perfect the advice is, few people really follow it.

In fact, people love to hate and express their hatred - even if this feeling is fleeting, and tomorrow they will forget what or whom they hated. Often behind this hatred is just fear. Fear of what seems too different from the usual things, of opinions that are incomprehensible, of decisions that one does not share. So hatred is incredibly often expressed for reasons that are not really worth a damn.

Recently, a thread appeared in the AskReddit community, where a topic starter asked just one question: "What is the dumbest thing you've ever received hate for?" Right now, the thread has nearly 19K upvotes and about 15.5K comments with tales ranging from funny and absurd to bitter and hurtful.

Bored Panda compiled for you a selection of the most popular comments from this thread, a real quintessence of human stupidity, proof that one can literally hurt a person just for nothing. So read these stories, scroll to the very end, share your opinions in the comments... and please try to just love, and not hate!

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#1 For Being Fond Of Bright Neon Colors

Not me, but my husband. He has a fondness for BRIGHT NEON COLORS. Which is so opposite to his quiet, reserved personality that it tickles me to death.

So, he came home from work. We spent an hour of, “No, what do YOU want for dinner?” He ran and threw some non-work clothes on… NEON YELLOW-GREEN shirt and navy shorts and his NEON ORANGE sneakers and ran to get takeout. The lady in front of him in line, turned around, looked my husband up and down, and proceeded to excoriate him for his choice of clothing: How on earth could he go out in public like that? What was he thinking? That doesn’t match at all! Those colors are insulting and his wife should be ashamed of herself for letting him dress like that!

My husband, who is normally so polite, looked HER up and down and told her he could change clothes, but she’d always be an ugly b***h. I was SO proud of him! Though he may have had to convince me to not go driving to find this woman so I could punch her in the nose. ?

Image credits: lilbunnyofdoom

#2 For Having A Very Old, Sick Cat Put To Sleep Instead Of Just Letting Her Slowly Pass Away

Having a very old , sick cat put to sleep instead of just letting her slowly die. She had stopped eating and wouldn't move. She just sat in the same spot dying. I took her to thr vet and we wound up euthanizing her.

Apparently I am an evil b***h for not just letting her starve herself to death.

She was 15 years old.

Image credits: The8thloser

#3 For Painting My Nursery With An Under The Sea Theme

I painted my nursery with an under the sea theme and then was told the blue would make my daughter a lesbian.

Image credits: rowenaravenclaw0

#4 For "Reading Too Much"

"Reading too much" my mom used to get mad at me, an elementary school kid, for going to the library and getting a big stack of books and reading through them all in a day. And I mean she was PISSED, she'd kick me out to go play and I would just sit outside in the grass for a few hours and wait to go back to reading lol

Image credits: CptBarba

#5 For Talking To A Guy I Met On A Dating Site Not Knowing He Was In A Relationship

For talking to a guy I met on a dating site not knowing he was in a relationship.

Dude was messaging me on a dating app, we met up and he seemed cool. We hung out once, he wasn’t my type and we parted on good terms and then his fiancé called me.

I said I was sorry, I had no idea. I stopped talking to the guy instantly but I still faced 6-8 months of harassment from this woman and her friends. I got told I wouldn’t live to see my next birthday, I got told I was fat and a s**t, they called me non stop they said that they knew where I lived, where I went to uni.. I even got threats on my blog that I had set up for uni. It was intense. I ended up getting the police involved.

From what I know she stayed with him but somehow I was in the wrong even though I had no idea she existed. He did nothing wrong, it was all me…f*****g ridiculous.

Image credits: squeephish

#6 For Not Drinking Alcohol

I don't drink alcohol, not preachy about it, I just don't like the taste or the effect.

Image credits: jadesisto

#7 For Being A Boy And Liking Horse Riding

Being a boy and liking horse riding. It's a frickin hobby people?

Image credits: Rojam_1200

#8 For Not Being Able To Have Children

Not being able to have children. A guy took it upon himself to “introduce” me to concepts such as IVF and surrogacy. When I told him those wouldn’t work, he basically told me, “well, it’s no wonder you have no children if you won’t even consider the most basic of options.”

My eggs work perfectly fine, as far as I know. But pregnancy would literally kill me, and I’m on life-saving medications that would cause severe birth defects. But f**k me, amirite? Just a choosy beggar, a wannabe victim.

ETA before someone tells me “just adopt/get a cat” because *someone always does,* you’re not nearly as helpful as you think you are.

Image credits: an_ineffable_plan

#9 For Being Black And Enjoying Heavy Metal

Being black and enjoying heavy metal ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️


#10 For Not Being Gay Enough

For not being gay enough. Apparently having sex with guys doesn't make you gay. You also have to mirror whatever the gay club's current fashions are, down to acting like a diva with an attitude problem to be accepted.

Image credits: twinkieeater8

#11 For Putting Pink Or Pastel Rainbow Fleeces In With My Male Guinea Pigs

For putting pink or pastel rainbow fleeces in with my male guinea pigs. They’re guinea pigs…they literally don’t care. They want lettuce.

Image credits: smokealarmsnick

#12 For Being An Introvert

Being introvert. Got a looooooooooot of hate for that.

Image credits: Ok-Nothing7287

#13 For Not Smiling

Not smiling. F**k off

Image credits: PlatypusRemarkable59

#14 For Having Lunch With My Grandma On My Lunch Break At Work

For having lunch with my grandma on my lunch break at work. Not joking. I serve a wide area of my state and when I’m in her part of the state, which was historically underserved by the person in my position before I was, I eat lunch with her during my lunch break. The other administrators I work with in parts of the state that I serve are now complaining that the only reason that part of the state is getting more attention (ie. Equal treatment to them rather than being neglected) is because I like to have lunch with my grandmother.

Image credits: Somuchfuckingnature

#15 For Posting Some Not-So-Clever Comments

During my early days of the internet, there was a post on a livejournal page about some woman who still breastfed her kid until he was like, 5. i commented on it saying “i didn’t even know that was possible” and boy did people come at me. calling me a troll just trying to rile people up, saying it was offensive.. like dude, i was just 15 and honestly had no idea it was possible to breastfeed a child for that long.

Image credits: guy_incog_neato

#16 For Making Hot Chocolate Last Year's Christmas

For making hot chocolate last year's Christmas some lady was criticizing me for being a adult making hot chocolate saying that's for children.i was having a nice romantic Christmas dinner with my fiance so I wanted to make a Dutch hot chocolate with a chocolate liqueur whipped topping. I just looked at her like she was crazy.

Edit this happened at a store I was telling my fiance what we needed to make dinner and dessert and the lady was eavesdropping. I needed the hot cocoa so we could have cookies and cocoa and watch some Christmas movies together.

Image credits: thefriendlychef1991

#17 For Scoring Good Marks In An Exam

Scoring good marks in an exam.

Image credits: the-soaring-moa

#18 For Telling Someone That I’m Allergic To A Certain Food

For telling someone that I’m allergic to a certain food. (I extremely allergic to it).

Image credits: Barbara_Celarent

#19 For Holding My GF's Hand In Public

Getting the side eye for holding my gfs hand in public (we're interracial).

It's just so silly. It wasn't even someone of our races being all "stop stealing our people." It was another minority!

Image credits: Manekosan

#20 For Being Autistic

For being autistic.

Image credits: YoshiPikachu

#21 For Being 5’9 Tall

For being 5’9. Someone at work mentioned me being tall for a woman and I said that 5’9 isn’t super tall and they called me a liar and got pissed at me because obviously I was at least six feet tall because he was 5’11 and I’m taller than him. Buddy, I know how tall I am and it ain’t 6’.

Image credits: luckychance5480

#22 For Having A Really Good Memory

My really good memory. Like, people don't believe it so much that they think I lie and make up things.

Image credits: kreteciek

#23 For Not Liking Many Sweets

I don’t like many sweets, I’m more of a carbs and lasagna person.

Try telling people you don’t like cake when it’s offered. Just f*****g try it. It’ll be a 19 minute back and forth where they refuse to believe you, and the 5 variations of “just take a bite”.

I don’t care if this is your nans famous recipe or if this is your personal favorite cake. I’m going to hate it.

Image credits: ProbablyASithLord

#24 For Playing Video Games

Video games back when I was a teen, so about 10-15 years ago.

My parents did not know jack s**t about it, so they chose to tried to squash it out of me instead of understanding it. Sucks when all you want to do on your free time as a teen was play with the boys.

Today I am still very much a gamer, and they kinda accepted it. Just last week my Mom asked me why I didn't pursue a career in video games because I love it so much.

I simply answered: You never supported my love for it, and since you paid for my college I never thought you would have approved.

The look of guilt and realization on my mother's face was kinda bittersweet.

Image credits: ZherJ

#25 For Having My Kid In A Mask On The Back Of My Bike

Back during the height of the pandemic, I had my kid on the back of my bike. It was a little on the chilly side so he wanted to wear his mask. Some f*****g moron yelled at me that it was child abuse. We were stuck at the lights so he gave me the beans for a red hot minute. Told him I’d consider his parenting advice in the same way I do all the advice I get from crazy people screaming on the street.

Image credits: Kavbastyrd

#26 For Not Going To A Birthday Party

Not going to a birthday party.

I know this sounds rude of me, and I did feel bad. But, I had my reasons. Back in high school, my friend was having a birthday party. At the time my dad was really ill, he was in the hospital and I wanted to be by his side.

I told her my reason and that I wouldn’t be able to make it, but once my dad was better, I would celebrate with her in a different way. She didn’t like this, and threw a fit about it.

To this day, I still don’t understand why. But, we’re no longer in contact.

Image credits: Inari_Phantom

#27 For Making My Own Life Choices Instead Of Following Others' Pushy Advice

As a former people pleaser, making my own life choices instead of following others' pushy advice... Life choices that only concern me.

Image credits: smieklinsh

#28 For Joking With A Nickname While Drunk

Not me but my dad. So my dad used to have trouble remembering names so he would call people Boss. Some dude went up to him one day and got really mad at this nickname. When my dad asks why the dude no joke says: “Boss backwards means Sorry Son Of a B***h.” And that is the most pathetic cry for attention I’ve ever heard. This was in a bar to so maybe the dude was drunk but still that was a hilarious story.

Edit: I edited for the typo but also to say what my dad did after: he just laughed which further pissed the guy off but he really couldn’t help it. Dude wanted to fight my dad and my dad was just laughing, imagine how embarrassing that would be.

Image credits: 3now_3torm

#29 For Not Wanting Children

I had explained to someone that nurses are mandatory reporters


Not wanting children

Image credits: signaturefox2013

#30 For Being A Working Actor

Being a working actor. There’s a whole Reddit thread about how ugly and stupid I am in r/commercialsihate…. Making fun of the way I’m dressed (I didn’t get to pick it out, that’s the wardrobe person), my hair (same, hair person), and how dumb “I” am…someone even said I looked like I was having a stroke. I was literally doing my job.

#31 For Making A Comment On Reddit Saying “Letting A Dog Lick Your Mouth Is Gross”

I made a comment on Reddit saying “Letting a dog lick your mouth is gross” and people got mad. The most memorable response was “Your pets must have never really loved you”… Because I don’t let them lick my mouth. I didn’t even think it was that hot of a take, but I guess people take swapping saliva with their pets very seriously.

Image credits: Eod_Enaj

#32 For Being Too Polite

For being too polite.

Image credits: Cold_Rice2016

#33 For Wearing Heels

For wearing heels. I'm 5'10" but look taller. So wearing heels..

Image credits: funnylooking6

#34 For Not Liking Football (Actually Soccer)

Not liking football (soccer for the US people). Where I live in the Netherlands there is/was a huge football influence. It is way less now, but everyone footballed, everyone was part of a football club and followed everything with the local club and national. Both girls and boys. I just simply didn't like it (still don't). Both grown adult people and childeren could get so petty about it. Even my teacher was petty about it. Even gave me a bloody time out in the hall way as a punishment when I wasn't participating with enthusiasm in the classroom about football and couldn't admit I liked one football team. I just needed to admit it, because it made the whole class mad and 'ruinend the mood for everyone'.

Dude was weird, because he even gave a punishment when I wouldn't pray in class. I live in a country with religious freedom... My parents were not happy with the dude. Never made the punishment homework

Image credits: EileenSuki

#35 For Explaining That You Can Safely View A Solar Eclipse Through A Telescope During Totality

Got permabanned from r/space for explaining the surprisingly true fact that you can safely view a solar eclipse through a telescope during totality. Everyone including the mods refused to believe that I'd actually done it on an eclipse cruise along with a couple thousand amateur astronomers and the sight is unbelievably amazing. They all called me a liar because their elementary school teachers didn't know either, and they accused me of trying to blind children (why?). Eventually a mod said I *might* be right but the ban would stand because it would be a dangerous fact that could cause people to look at the sun outside of totality. Sheesh

Image credits: cutelyaware

#36 For Being Too Helpful And Accommodating To Others As A Manager

Lately, being too helpful and accommodating to others as a manager. Apparently, some of my employees don’t respect that about me, so that’s not cool

Image credits: I_Like_Thanksgiving

#37 For Making A Mistake Writing A Post On Reddit

I owned up to a mistake I made in a post on Reddit yesterday, I apologised to the only person who bothered to actually explain why half the people commenting were annoyed, and got loads of downvotes and called “pathetic” etc…. From apologising!

#38 For Having An Extra Finger On My Right Hand

My extra finger on my right hand

Image credits: StruggleReal5837

#39 For Trying To Explain To The Client Their Technical Misunderstanding

I was selling British VHS tapes on eBay.co.uk

They were listed on eBay in PAL video tapes.

I had an American buyer leave negative feedback as it wasn't clear that his low quality NTSC only VCR would not play the tape.

They left negative feedback and said my listing was misleading

I added a disclaimer for all subsequent listings. I still had another American message me complaining. When I said that one of his "fellow countrymen" had encountered a similar problem he thought I was calling him a hillbilly and left hateful negative feedback too.

#40 For Believing In Evolution

Believing in evolution. At a college.

Edit - For context, this was at a Christian college during the first week of living in the dorms, before classes started. Many of the other students there had been homeschooled or went to very conservative, private high schools where evolution may have been taught to some degree, but human evolution was treated as “just a theory” if taught at all. As such, they had a very limited and flawed understanding of the science and obviously there was a lot of familial/communal baggage that encouraged them to reject it as well.

Years later, all of them (or at least the ones I still see on Facebook) have changed their tune on the matter. The school in question actually had a very good medical science department, for a school of its pedigree and size, so I suppose being exposed to a less biased version of the science made it easier for them to accept, and being away from their family/etc also removed some of that pressure or burst their bubble a bit.

I still resent how they treated me for not being a “good Christian,” but ultimately it had little effect on the course of my life.


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