Beko Refrigerator Review (2021)

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Beko Refrigerator Review (2021)

Beko refrigerator gives you everything you need at a great price, and—even better—is widely available and in stock. That’s all fantastic, especially if your fridge has broken down and you need a new one as soon as possible. It’s also great if you’re planning to sell your home and want to put in something brand new without spending a fortune.

But you may not be familiar with Beko, so you’re probably wondering if it’s any good. It may also have been awhile since you bought a fridge—what is a good refrigerator anyway? Do you need to buy one of the best refrigerators out there to get one that will keep your food fresh and work for the long haul?

So we’ve put together this guide to explain what Beko’s all about and walk you through all the pros and cons of its refrigerators, from the technology inside to their durability. We’ll also recommend the best Beko fridge to make your search even easier.

Our Top 3 Beko Refrigerator Picks

Who Makes Beko Appliances?

Beko is a European appliance brand whose products have been sold in America since 2016. Owned by the Turkish company Arcelik, Beko is a top selling brand in the UK and Ireland and across Europe, due in no small part to the fact that it sponsors the soccer team FC Barcelona. It makes refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, ovens, stoves, and small appliances like coffee makers and blenders, and sells them in 130 countries.

Beko Refrigerator Review (2021)
A full suite of kitchen appliances in Beko's latest carbon fiber finish.

5 Reasons To Consider a Beko Fridge

You may not have come across a Beko refrigerator before, but they have many great design and climate control features to recommend them.

1. They’re Mostly Counter Depth
Counter depth refrigerators fit neatly into your kitchen cabinets and don’t stick out a ton. You might think you want a standard depth refrigerator for the additional food storage space inside, but you really don’t lose very much room. We like the seamless look they give your kitchen. Want to learn more? Check out our detailed counter depth vs standard depth refrigerator guide.

2. Panel Ready Selection
Panel-ready refrigerators, which have doors that you can cover with a custom cabinet panel to match the rest of your kitchen, tend to be pretty pricey. Beko makes a range of relatively affordable built in refrigerators.

3. They Have High-End Technology
You’ll get dual evaporators, full-extension drawers, advanced food preservation technology, and more—the kind of features you can expect from a very expensive refrigerator—for an affordable price.

4. You Get a Money-Back Guarantee
In case you are not satisfied with your appliance for any reason, Beko refrigerators come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Great Availability
We’re not seeing huge back-orders of Beko refrigerators, so you won’t have to wait months to get one for your kitchen. The fridge is usually easily available, so you don’t have to wait till you own your Beko.

Beko Refrigerator Review (2021)
Beko's four-door refrigerator has a flexible compartment at the bottom right that you can switch back and forth from fridge to freezer to suit your storage needs.

3 Reasons You Might Not Love a Beko Fridge

We want to be objective and help you make the right decision for your kitchen. Beko refrigerators have many great qualities, but they do have some downsides you should be aware of.

1. Beko Isn’t a Household Name Brand
Beko isn’t a brand that inspires instant name recognition. If you want only the best, you may want to go with a marquee brand. If you’re selling your home, this may be especially important to you.

2. No Wi-Fi Connectivity
If you’re looking for a refrigerator that can text you when you’re out of milk, or remind you to change the water filter, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Beko refrigerators aren’t Wi-Fi enabled.

3. Some Might Be Noisy
Look around online, and you’ll see that some Beko refrigerators have been described as quite noisy. This can range from a low humming to a loud whirring. On the flip side, many users report that the appliance is very quiet. It’s best to check the decibel level of your appliance. Anything over 50 dB is louder than an average conversation.

4. New Service Network
Durability and reliability may be a factor since Beko is fairly new to the U.S. market. There have been complaints that customer care does not respond or pick up phones, and some users have also complained about frequent breakdowns or issues. However, the brand is very committed to succeeding here, and we expect it to diligently address any problems. Still, you might consider purchasing an extended warranty.

Beko Refrigerator Review (2021)
Glass shelves look high quality and are easier to wipe clean than plastic.

Where Are Beko Appliances Manufactured?
Beko has factories in Asar, Turkey, close to its parent company’s headquarters, and in Russia and China.

Beko Refrigerator Review (2021)
Beko's unique blue light technology helps keep produce fresh for up to 30 days.

How to Shop for a Refrigerator

Whether you’re buying a new refrigerator because your old one has stopped working or you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to take these factors into consideration.

1. Confirm the Dimensions

Measure the space you have and note the dimensions. You want to ensure any model you consider will fit, with plenty of clearance for the doors and drawers to open freely. If you’re drawn to Beko because of its affordable counter depth and panel-ready options, be extra careful with your measurements. Gaps with your cabinetry or a door that bumps its neighboring drawer will drive you nuts over time. Even worse (and an even bigger problem): a fridge that’s too big.

2. Decide on a Design

You might not realize how many refrigerator types are out there. You can choose a standalone refrigerator with French doors, a top or bottom freezer, even a side by side fridge.

Maybe a standalone freezer, chest or upright is whata you need. Or you might want to spring for the luxury of a built-in refrigerator covered with a cabinetry panel that blends into the rest of your kitchen. Beko makes all of the above and has a range of models to fit your size and style requirements. It also makes three- and four-door French door refrigerators; the latter has an extra flex zone that can be set fridge or freezer temperature.

  • Top Freezer: Beko’s traditional top freezer refrigerator measures 28 inches wide, and come in white, black, and stainless steel (some fingerprint resistant, some not). Some have an automatic ice maker. Their internal capacity varies from 12.6 cu. ft to 13.9 cu. ft.
  • Bottom Freezer: Beko makes a wider assortment of bottom freezer refrigerators, in widths ranging from 22 to 30 inches. You can get them in black, stainless steel, silver, or white finishes. They have slightly different heights, widths, and depths, so you would have to see which one fits in the space you have. Some have an automatic icemaker; some do not.
  • Side-By-Side: Beko’s one side-by-side model, BFSB3622SS, is 36 inches with a stainless steel finish, a water dispenser, and an automatic icemaker.
  • French Door (Three Door): There are two French door Beko fridges with three doors. Both the BFFD3624XSS and BFFD3624SS are 36 inches wide, with an automatic icemaker and water dispenser and electric controls. The only is the latter is quieter.
  • French Door (Four Door): Beko’s four-door fridge, BFFD3626SS, lets you change one compartment from fridge to freezer and vice versa. This might come in handy during the holidays or if you do a lot of entertaining. It has a concealed water dispenser and an automatic ice maker. With a stainless steel finish that’s impervious to fingerprints, and electronic controls, it is a top-of-the-line model.
  • Built In: These come in 22- and 30-inch widths, with either a panel ready, carbon fiber color, or stainless steel exterior. Some have an interior water dispenser and automatic icemaker.
  • Freestanding Freezer: All of these measure 28 inches wide. You can choose a white, stainless steel, or Manhattan Grey finish. Note: The stainless steel model is the only one with an automatic icemaker.

3. Zero in on Climate Control (It’s More Than Just Cold Air)

The latest refrigerators have technology that precisely controls the temperature (and lets you check and set it via touch panel, not a thermometer) and humidity inside.

Air circulation systems play a big part in keeping both of those consistent, as well as filtering out gases that can make food spoil faster—that’s what the evaporator and compressor handle, and why a dual evaporator or compressor is a good thing in a fridge.

Beko fridges have dual evaporators. They also have a food preservation system called EverFresh that’s designed to keep produce crisp for up to 30 days. Paired with Beko’s blue light technology, EverFresh helps maximize your groceries.

As a bonus, Beko's Ion Guard system (also available on its dishwashers) helps reduce odors.

4. Size Up the Internal Storage

You’ll appreciate smart internal organizers every single day. We like that Beko fridges have easy-to-adjust shelves and bins, and drawers that extend fully. Another plus? An egg container comes with your fridge.

If you’re considering Beko’s four-door refrigerator, you get a fourth “zone” that can be set as a fridge or freezer, so you can store a variety of different foods in there. You could chill crudites trays or freeze a pan of lasagna.

5. Investigate the Water Dispenser, Filter, and Ice Maker

You might want water and ice dispensers for convenience. While many manufacturers still have models with dispensers on the outside of the door, this look as fallen out of favor.

You’ll find that many fridges have the water dispenser inside the door, and have an ice maker with a scoop instead. (This also helps minimize potential service issues, since ice dispensers can cause problems). To ensure your water and ice are good quality, many fridges have a filter that you have to change regularly.

Many, but not all, Beko refrigerators come with water and ice makers. However, most do not have built-in water filters, so if you don’t like drinking your tap water, you look for a model with a built-in filter.

6. Find Out How Noisy It Is

No refrigerator is silent, and they’re loudest when the compressor is going. (It often kicks on if you’ve had the door open for a bit to get everything back to a consistent temperature. This noise is measured in decibels (dB). We consider a quiet refrigerator to be under 50 dB.

Look around online, and you’ll see that many people have reported that their Beko refrigerator is very quiet, while others complain about excessive noise.

If you find that your Beko fridge is too loud for your taste, you can always return it. Remember, Beko offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Check the Connectivity

Many fridges today have Wi-Fi and can connect to manufacturer apps that let you do all manner of things, from adjusting the temperature remotely to checking how much milk is left via an interior camera.

Beko doesn’t make Wi-Fi-enabled fridges. If that’s important to you, we recommend considering LG or Samsung for a similar price point.

8. Ask about Efficiency

If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, you want to focus on fridges that have an Energy Star certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. Beko has won the Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award for the third year running in 2021, which means it has exceeded Energy Star standards since entering the U.S. market.

How Much Do Beko refrigerators Cost?
The Beko refrigerators we carry range from $649 for a basic white fridge with a top freezer to $6,399 for a stainless steel built-in fridge. Wondering how much you should pay for a good fridge? Check out our in-depth article about refrigerator costs.

Our Top 3 Beko Refrigerator Picks of 2021

1. Beko Refrigerator, Best for Budget: BFTF2716SS

Beko BFTF2716SS

Why We Like It
The Beko BFTF2716SS is a conventional freezer top, double door, freestanding refrigerator, but it’s counter depth, so it will fit neatly into your kitchen. Think of it as a better version of the basic fridge, thanks to its dual evaporators, and it’s available for under $700. The stainless steel finish is easy to keep clean, and it has a large produce drawer protected by Beko’s unique blue light technology. Reinforced glass shelves offer plenty of storage space, and the interior is well lit by LED lights.

13.53 cu. ft. 28-Inch Width Counter Depth Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • Energy Star qualified
  • Interior LED lighting
  • NeoFrost Dual Cooling for optimal humidity control and freezer burn prevention
  • IonGuard odor control
  • Door Alarm
  • No ice maker
  • No Wi-Fi

2. Best Overall Beko Refrigerator: BFFD3624SS

Beko BFFD3624SS

Why We Like It
This capacious stainless steel fridge holds everything you need and yet won’t stick out from your cabinetry. Inside, you’ll find adjustable glass shelves, removable door bins, height adjustable shelves, two crispers, a deli drawer, and an egg container, so all your storage needs are taken care of. The automatic icemaker provides 11 pounds of ice daily, and there’s a concealed water dispenser for easy access. This fridge also has a Sabbath/vacation mode.

19.86 cu. ft. 36-Inch Width Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • Energy Star qualified
  • LED interior lighting
  • IonGuard odor control
  • Automatic icemaker
  • No Wi-Fi

3. Best Upgrade: Beko BFFD3626SS

Beko BFFD3626SS

Why We Like It
Four doors not only give you flexible storage, but they also help you conserve energy, since you only open the small compartment you need. This 36-inch counter depth stainless steel fridge with dual evaporators has clean lines that give your kitchen an instant upgrade and a luxurious look, with chrome handles. We love the ample organization—six adjustable door bins, two drawers, and a crisper in the fridge; four shelves and four drawers in the freezer—and the filtered water dispenser. When you need extra fresh storage, you can convert the bottom right freezer compartment into a fridge space.

19.77 cu. ft. 36-Inch Width Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Key Features:

  • Energy Star certified
  • LED theater lighting (no dark corners)
  • IonGuard odor control
  • Automatic ice maker
  • No Wi-Fi


Beko is extremely popular in Europe and UK, and sold in 130 countries around the globe. Over the past five years, its products have been growing in the U.S., and now that availability is an issue for many popular U.S. brands, we expect to see even more Beko.

Beko refrigerators and freezers are compact and stylish, so they fit perfectly in the smaller homes that are the norm in many countries. You should consider Beko for this reason if you live in an apartment or condo and require a counter depth model with a lot of usable storage space.

It is also an affordable brand, which may tilt the scales in its favor for anyone who’s looking to buy a new refrigerator or freezer.

While Beko refrigerators don’t have custom finishes and other decorative elements or Wi-Fi, they’re a good buy for basic functionality and keeping food fresh.


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