Book Review: "Easy Vegan Home Cooking" -- looks easy, and tasty too

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Fans of PBS cooking shows likely are familiar with Laura Theodore, known as the Jazzy Vegetarian. She has a new cookbook out, Easy Vegan Home Cooking, that includes more than 125 vegan recipes.

I showed it to my vegetarian daughter, who has her own cooking blog. Her verdict — there are several recipes she’d like to try. Another note — the book has several very easy recipes, like how to grill veggies, which would be good for beginning cooks. Perhaps those recipes should be called basic rather than easy.

We also looked through the book for a recipe we would like to eat together — I still eat some meat — and came up with the zucchini lasagna. The recipe in the book includes vegan ricotta, tofu basically. I’d opt for regular ricotta and my daughter agrees, she still eats regular cheese although she does buy vegan varieties from time to time.

Other recipes she thought sounded interesting, and not your run-of-the-mill vegan fare, include:

  • Fresh Blueberry Vanilla Soup
  • Cauliflower, Potato & Spinach Mash-up
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate Pudding Pie

The book’s photographer is excellent and the recipes seem easy to follow.

A pet peeve of mine — there’s no nutrition information for each recipe so you don’t know how much salt, fat and sugar you’re getting. But very few cookbooks include that, unfortunately, so that alone is not a reason to dislike this one.

Easy Vegan Home Cooking sells for $25 on its publisher’s site; Amazon has it for $20.88 and there’s a Kindle version for $12.99.

A brief look at some of our favorite recipes in the book.


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