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My thanks to Caraway for the gift of a ceramic bakeware set to try. All opinions are my own.

Looking for a beautifully designed, well-made, nonstick ceramic bakeware set? This Caraway bakeware set review will answer all your questions and help you find the best bakeware set for you.

stack of blue ceramic surface baking pans on cooktop

I adore baking. I was baking with my mom in elementary school and then began baking treats on my own for family and friends in my teens. I joke that baking is my love language.

I’ve tried virtually every type of baking pan that exists; every material, every surface and every price point. This was my first opportunity to try ceramic bakeware and I am loving it!

When I first had my own kitchen, I purchased inexpensive baking pans. My reasoning was I was on a tight budget and I moved every one to three years so I didn’t want to spend much on something that might get damaged in a move.

I wish I’d realized sooner that the money I wasted buy cheaply made bakeware and replacing it every couple of years could have been invested in a quality bakeware set. I would have saved money in the long run and would have had a better baking experience with better results.

Learn from my mistakes and look for the best baking pans for you and your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic Bakeware

How to clean Caraway pans?

  • Wash in warm soapy water.
  • Dry well before placing over heat.
  • Use a gentle scrub to clean the exterior of the pans. Choose a softer scrubbing sponge, like a wool sponge.

Are ceramic pans good for baking?

Yes, ceramic coated baking pans work extremely well for baking because:

  • Ceramic coated bake pans, like Caraway baking pans, are non-stick and are free of toxic materials, such as PTFE (used in many other nonstick surfaces), lead, and cadmium that you don’t want leaching into your food.
  • They’re easy to clean.
  • The ceramic coating makes releasing the food as easy as shaking the pan and the food will slide right off the pan.
  • Minimal use of butter or oil is all that is needed on the ceramic surface and often you don’t need any butter or oil depending the ingredients in your recipe.

Is Caraway cookware dishwasher safe?

To protect the nonstick ceramic surface, it’s not recommended to put Caraway cookware or bakeware in the dishwasher. The nonstick surface is easy to clean by hand – really quick and easy.

What do you cook in ceramic bakeware?

browned pieces of baked potato on blue ceramic baking pan

You can cook anything you bake in the oven:

  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Breads
  • Potatoes
  • Baked vegetables
  • Roasts
  • Baked meat
  • Savory dishes
  • Brownies and bars
  • Sheet cakes
  • Muffins
  • Cobblers
  • Lasagna
  • Casseroles
  • Quiches

2 grey baking pan organizers holding navy blue ceramic baking pans

Can you stack ceramic pans?

  • It’s best to not stack ceramic pans so that the nonstick ceramic surface isn’t scratched or damaged. If you’ve invested in ceramic pans for their benefits, you’ll want to protect them.
  • It’s best to use a pan organizer or bakeware organizer that will keep pans from rubbing against each other and damaging the nonstick surface.
  • If you must stack ceramic pans, place several coffee filters, paper towels or cloth napkins between the pans to prevent scratches. You can also use felt or flannel fabric.

9 different navy blue ceramic baking pans in front of marble backsplash

Caraway Bakeware Set

Caraway is known for their commitment to non-toxic products that make for easy, nonstick cooking. The products are designed with lovely, modern colors to look great in your kitchen.

The Caraway cookware set has been popular with cooks for years. I was so excited to discover the Caraway bakeware set since I much prefer baking and cooking in the oven.

The bakeware collection is made of aluminum, which conducts heat well and evenly. It has a ceramic nonstick surface for cooking. There are sturdy stainless steel handles on the baking sheets and the rectangle pan.

During manufacturing, Caraway ceramic bakeware releases up to 60% less carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment compared to other traditional non-stick coatings.

The 11-piece bakeware set contains:

  • 18 x 13 inch baking sheet
  • 18 x 13 cooling rack
  • 12 cup muffin pan
  • 1 lb. loaf pan
  • 2 storage solutions tailored perfectly for the whole set
  • 10 x 15 baking sheet
  • 9 x 13 inch rectangular pan
  • 9 inch square pan
  • 2 9 inch circle cake pans
  • The complete bakeware set includes the added bonus of 2 cork trivets
navy blue 11 piece bakeware set on black kitchen counter

Ceramic Bakeware

The advantages of ceramic baking pans:

  • The surface is a mineral-based coating that won’t transfer toxic materials into your food.
  • The naturally non-stick coating requires less oil or butter for cooking and less scrubbing for cleanup.
  • High quality ceramic-coated cookware are free of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials that can end up in your food.

I was impressed at how nonstick the ceramic coating really is. I roasted potatoes tossed in just a bit of olive oil and they just slid right off the pan. You can see how the oil beaded up on the ceramic nonstick surface.

close up of baked potato bites with name of pan Caraway showing

I baked brownies and there was no residue left. That means more brownies to eat and it also made cleanup a breeze.

What makes Caraway bakeware sets great?

  • They’re made with a non-toxic, free of PTFEs, ceramic coating.
  • The ceramic surface is wonderfully non-stick. Food slipped right off the pan for me.
  • The pans are thick and well-made. This means they’ll hold up longer to use in a busy kitchen.
  • Of the almost 2,000 reviews on the Caraway site, 93% are five-star reviews.
  • You can choose from Caraway’s signature colors. Pick your favorite from 9 different colors:
  • Cream
  • Navy
  • Gray
  • Brick Red
  • White
  • Sage
  • Terracotta
  • Marigold
  • Black

I chose the navy blue set and it is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the pop of color the pans bring to my kitchen.

navy blue Caraway ceramic baking pans stacked on stove top in front of marble backsplash
  • The sets come with a storage system designed to perfectly hold all the pieces of Caraway’s bakeware set.
    • The bakeware organizers are designed with compartments to hold each item in the set.
    • This protects the nonstick pans and prolong their use.
    • As an organizer, I love how these storage racks provide ideal storage in any kitchen, even a small kitchen. You can place them on the counter if you have limited space or in a cabinet or pantry. Either way, you have optimal storage for your bakeware collection no matter the size or design of your kitchen.
overhead view of blue baking pans in storage boxes
  • Caraway pans are ethically manufactured. Caraway supports BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.
  • The bakeware set arrives in brilliantly designed recycled cardboard, with no plastic bags, and low impact print dyes. The box is designed to protect the baking pans so they arrive beautifully and ready to be used right away.
upper image - dark blue box with

What to Consider About Caraway Bakeware

If you’re as excited about these baking sheets and pans as I am, be sure you consider:

  • The 11-piece bakeware set is not inexpensive.
  • You shouldn’t use metal utensils on the ceramic bakeware.
  • You should handwash the baking pans.
  • You need to plan for proper storage of ceramic coated baking pans.

If the price tag concerns you, consider:

  • You receive 9 baking pans, 2 pan storage racks designed specifically for these pieces and 2 cork trivets.
  • The pans are high quality and gorgeous.
  • Because the pans are made from top-quality materials, they will last for years. How often do you have to replace those inexpensive pans you’ve purchased in the past and what’s the total investment you’ve made in cheap baking pans? How does that compare to the cost of Caraway bakeware that will last you for year?
  • Caraway also offers a 5-piece bakeware set that may better fit your budget. You can also purchase individual baking pans.
  • Free shipping is offered on the bakeware sets and most of the products.

Sharp utensils will scratch and damage the nonstick ceramic surface. You should use wood, silicone, plastic, or nylon utensils to protect and prolong the lifespan of the pans. This is usually not a big issue, you simply have to be aware of the proper tools to use.

All bakeware should be handwashed in with a soft cloth. Cleaning in a dishwasher can damage the baking pans. The ceramic surface provides easy and quick clean up, so it doesn’t outweigh the many benefits of the ceramic baking pans.

blonde woman in red shirt placing baking pan in organizing bin next to oven

Because these pans should be stored vertically and carefully to preserve the nonstick surface, you should consider your kitchen storage space. The 2 bakeware organizers included solve that issue if you purchase the complete bakeware set.

Looking for great recipes for your bakeware set?

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Kitchen organizing ideas you might have missed

Be sure to pin this Caraway bakeware set review so you can find it again when you want to refer to it.

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