Charene’s Cancer-Fighting Cuisine | Episode 1

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The absolute best way to prevent, treat, and beat cancer is through nutrition. Unfortunately, finding the right information can be hard. The agricultural industry is doing its best to confuse us with tricky labels and misleading science.

Did you know that over 50% of cancer deaths are preventable? With the right diet, you can drastically reduce your cancer risk – and even help your body heal from most diseases. The medical mafia wants you to believe that drugs are the only way to fight disease and illness. The truth is that there’s very little money to be made in natural treatments. The standard American diet (SAD) is loaded with sugar, toxins, and processed, fake foods.

Each month, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite anti-cancer recipes. These dishes aren’t just good; They’re good FOR you!

Lasagna is a wonderfully satisfying and comforting meal. It’s a staple we all know well, but this version utilizes the delicious taste and texture of the eggplant. Together they make a delicious and healthy spin on the usually carbohydrate-packed dish.

Eggplant is a nightshade, which means it should be enjoyed in moderation. But don’t let that scare you away, eggplant is packed full of health benefits. Eggplant contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. Dietary fiber is extremely beneficial in gastrointestinal health.

A 2019 article in Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis stated that eggplants’ antioxidant capability has been shown to counteract oxidation, which is helpful in fighting many diseases. This study demonstrated that eggplant extracts could protect against DNA damage. Also, it was shown that eggplants have the potential to prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer.

Cauliflower is a wonderfully nutritious and versatile cool weather crop. It is mild enough to have inspired many cooks to utilize it as an alternative to unhealthy or heavier ingredients. This dish is savory yet lighter than traditional mashed potatoes, and the addition of the spring onions gives it a deliciously seasonal taste.

Cauliflower is a member of the Brassicaceae family, which is known for being a powerhouse of phytochemicals. A 2013 study in BioMed Research International Journal stated that brassica foods are full of nutrients and phytochemicals such as vitamins, carotenoids, fiber, soluble sugars, minerals, glucosinolates, and phenolic compounds. The study also stated that cauliflower has been shown to be effective in fighting certain forms of cancer.

Spring onions, or green onions, are traditional bulb onions that are pulled early before they have had a chance to mature. They have a milder taste while still being an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium.

These ultra simple and tasty almond butter cookies are perfect for those sweet and savory cravings. They’re a great gluten-free take on the traditional gluten-based peanut butter cookies that we all know and love, down to those lovely fork indents.

Almond butter is a delicious and healthy alternative to peanut butter. Not only is it a great substitute for health reasons, but almond butter also has a notably richer and nuttier flavor. Almond butter is made from whole roasted (or raw) almonds, so it holds practically all of the health benefits of whole almonds.

A 2020 study in Nutrients stated that clinical trials have shown the positive effects of nuts (including almonds) against a significant number of pathologies. This study also found that there are abundant micronutrient polyphenols in almonds that play a crucial role in protecting against chronic degenerative diseases.

There is a 2001 study in Cancer Letters Journal that used almonds in a variety of forms with rats. The results of their study suggested that almond consumption may reduce colon cancer risk.

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