Dining Out Southeast: Alessandros Italian Cafe and Pizzeria, Canton, GA

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Sweet Harold knows full well my affinity for Italian food. ALL Italian food. I could eat pizza every day. My 100% favorite comfort food is spaghetti. I love the all-day process of making lasagna or braciole. Yesterday on the way home from our last Christmas event (yes, life has gotten in the way big time, and we FINALLY had our final gift exchange!), we decided to stop at Alessandro's Italian Cafe and Pizzeriain Canton, Georgia.

Alessandro's is a cozy family-owned establishment with 12 - 13 tables. Upon entering the dining room, the aroma wafting from the kitchen was tantalizing.

We were invited to have a seat wherever wished. Menus and silverware were already on the table.

While we deliberated the daily specials listed on the menu board and the wide variety of items on the printed menu, Crystal, our server, took out drink orders and brought a basket of piping hot garlic knots.

These bites of heaven were light, fresh from the oven, and had a light touch of Italian seasonings, Parmesan cheese, and garlic.

We were still undecided about our main courses. We chose the Cold Antipasto for 2 as our appetizer. An excellent selection of Italian cold cuts (salami, ham, and capicola), provolone cheese, black olives, and pepperoncini peppers along with a dipping bowl consisting of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. $11.00

The menu is extensive and included many all-time favorites such as spaghetti, linguini, clams, mussels, ziti, lasagna, etc.

With all these delicious choices (did I mention salads, sausages, pizzas, calzones, AND stromboli), what I select? Everyone say it with me..... SPAGHETTI WITH MEAT SAUCE. Spaghetti has never let me down. It's comforted me through breakups, sickness, recovery from surgery, the expected raise I didn't receive, and deaths in the family.

Here, ladies and gentlemen is the best restaurant spaghetti I've ever eaten. Notice the noodles were tossed in the sauce before those lovely ladles of meat sauce goodness were loaded on top. THIS is how you serve a bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce. Y'all know I expect that food that should be hot should be served that way and not served room temp, or barely warm. I did not have that problem with this meal because it was served piping hot. So much so that the sprinkling of parmesan I added disappeared into the sauce before I could get a picture. The sauce was full of ground beef, well seasoned, and the pasta noodles were al dente.$10.00

Sweet Harold was all set to select his favorite toppings for a calzone, but at the last minute, he chose the lasagna made with ground beef and sausage. Alessandro's version is baked and served in individual portions. Like my spaghetti, the lasagna was served piping hot and was super cheesy. $14.00

We brought home at least 1/2 portions of each of these to be devoured as lunches this week. Such generous portions for the price!

Thankfully, Canton is directly on the route to family in Georgia. I believe you will see more pictures of our meals here!


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