Easy Way to Make Freezer Food (Without Trying)

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Here’s a look at an easy way to make freezer food!

My husband is the women’s soccer coach for York University, and the season began early August. School started in mid-August, and so did our elementary kids’ soccer seasons. The days between August and November are significantly busier than the rest of our days, which is, of course, saying something. :/

During the days leading up to this very full season, I try to put some ready-made food into the freezer to help with the busiest of the busy days. The trick with this is that I can barely put a meal on the table as it is, much less work extra to get ahead. So here’s what I did!

Easy Way to Make Freezer Food (Without Trying!)

As I made meals and snacks in June and July, I made extra on purpose. Then, instead of eating leftovers in the days after we had originally eaten the meal, I immediately froze leftovers to pull out in August and September. Here are some examples of what I made:

Sloppy Joes

Our six littlest kids gobble up Sloppy Joes, which means that there’s no whining at meal-time when I make these! One summer lunch, I made a huge batch of sloppy joe meat, then froze the leftovers to use on a busy soccer night.


I made two huge lasagnas for a family reunion and had enough extra ingredients to make a 9×13 pan for our freezer.

Granola Bars

I made a quadruple batch of these bars and froze a bunch to use for quick breakfasts and snacks.

Hamburger Meat

I used my favorite method of cooking meat and cooked seven pounds of hamburger to use in any meal we need. (There’s a big list here of ideas for ways to use cooked hamburger meat.) I froze the cooked meat in baggies for the freezer.

Tator Tot Casserole

We had Tator Tot Casserole for dinner one night and I made a super large pan so that I could freeze a large portion of leftovers.

Breakfast Cookies

I made a batch of these breakfast cookies one morning and froze all the leftovers to use on a busy school morning.

In summary, I didn’t do any “freezer cooking” except for feeding my family regular meals and then freezing the leftovers for use another day. It’s the easiest way to fill the freezer without extra effort!

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