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The quirky Phoebe Buffay was more than just quirky. Too often her ditzy side made her spill secrets. These weren't harmless secrets, but things that could have far-reaching repercussions. She started as a low talker, with a weird side. Within a few seasons, she had become a talebearer and a self-righteous person.

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Phoebe was uptight about her rules but when the time came, she broke them easily. She ate meat, she bought stuff off of Pottery Barn. There are a plethora of reasons why Phoebe's character on Friends got worse and worse with time.

10 She Mugged Ross As A Teenager

The earliest thing that audiences know about Phoebe's life is she had to live on the streets at 14. She mugged people to make ends meet. Phoebe mugged Ross while working at St. Mark's Comics. Back then pre-teen comic book nerds were her meat. It's odd how a teenager, Phoebe, had a job and yet she would mug people the same age as her.

Years later, when Ross was standing beside her and getting mugged, Phoebe silently watched. She just let Ross give away his wallet. She sternly refused to give her purse to the mugger because she knew a thing or two about the mugging.

9 Ganged Up Against Chandler At Work

Chandler got Phoebe to fill in as his secretary for a couple of weeks. She was anything but thankful to Chandler for getting her the job. For one, she was the one who decided not to tell their colleagues she knew Chandler. Down at Central Perk, she said nobody liked Chandler since he was Mr. Boss Man Bing.

It was her first day at the job and she'd already seen people do Chandler impressions at work. She refused to go with Chandler to a work birthday party. Phoebe didn't want to come across as a geek who invited their boss.

8 Easy For Her To Cut People Out

Phoebe found it pretty convenient to cut people out of her lives. She'd ignore people, dodge their calls until they got her point. She did it to Monica in the past. She suggested the same be done to Amanda Buffamonteezi, their friend. She'd cut out a lot of people in her life. Monica was the only one who had clawed her way right back into her life.

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All of this seemed a little harsh coming from a woman who talked about selfless good deeds, world peace and good things for the rainforest.

7 Bullied Her Friends

Phoebe was such a schoolyard bully to the gang, especially Ross. She made fun of Ross at his sister's wedding in a very critical situation. Ross was mad because the groom, Chandler had taken off.

Every time someone said something close to hurting her interests, Phoebe lost her lid. Her street temper came to the forefront and she started to yell at her friends. Phoebe gladly punched Joey in the face and rejoiced when his nose started to bleed. She stole a little girl's cat and berated Ross, the only sensible man in the room that day.

6 Bad Guitar Instructor

Phoebe Buffay was a pretty bad guitar instructor. It felt as if she came with a contract. Joey didn't go to Phoebe, but she offered to teach him. She taught Joey all these bizarre methods of learning guitar chords. To name a few--Bear Claw, Turkey Leg and Old Lady. She coaxed Joey into not touching a real guitar.

Joey couldn't study the real names of the chords without annoying Phoebe. He wasn't making any progress with her. Hiring a new teacher hurt Phoebe's bullying sentiments.

5 Obstructed Joey At Work

For someone who worked on tips, Phoebe should have known better before sabotaging Joey's at the Christmas tree farm. Phoebe knew the odd jobs Joey had to do to support his acting career. She gladly let that slide and interfered each time Joey was about to close a sale. She stopped a customer from buying trees from Joey by forcing them to buy dead trees.

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It was days before Christmas, Joey badly needed the cash. But that was okay as long as Phoebe was fulfilling the Christmas destiny of old trees. If Phoebe cared so much, she should have bought every old tree.

4 Demanded Monica Pay Her Back

Phoebe gave Monica a pep talk of becoming Moni-can. Monica had just turned down a catering job for sixty people. She neither had the money nor the equipment to do so. Once again, Phoebe came to the rescue.

She bulldozed Monica into taking the job and loaned her $5oo. When Monica finally got started with her business, Phoebe demanded her money back right away. Phoebe was wrong in calling herself a bank. Banks come with rules and time limits.

3 Hypocritical About Meat Eating

While Phoebe was pregnant with the twins, she found out meat helped fill her hunger better. It raises the age-old debate-- is it not hypocritical for vegetarians to eat meat during pregnancy? She gave in to her cravings and she pounced on Chandler's sandwich. She then proceeded to eat a steak. Finally, Joey said he'd give up his intake of meat for Phoebe's maternity period to even things out. Phoebe certainly had eaten Monica's meat lasagna before.

Big talk coming from the woman who said eating meat was cold-blooded murder.

2 Tattletale Of The Gang

Phoebe liked to spill secrets, a lot. Secrets, inside information, things she was a part of-- she knew when to blurt them out. She told Richard Monica had been with a lot of guys. She spilled the truth about London. When Chandler found out Monica came looking for Joey that night in London, he was crushed.

When Ross and Rachel kissed, she yearned to know every detail. The next day at Central Perk, she tortured Ross and Rachel in front of Julie. She sang a made-up song about their love triangle called -'Two of them kissed last night.'

1 Kept Abusing Her Mother's Suicide Story

Phoebe using her mother's suicide is as bad as Ursula selling her birth certificate. Phoebe came from a family of liars-- her parents hid the truth about her biological mother. Her grandmother lied about Frank Buffay's career as a tree surgeon in Burma. She was told Einstein was her grandfather.

Phoebe, in turn, gave different variations of her mother's suicide story to get things done. Sometimes her mother had killed herself. In other, her mother was killed by a drug dealer. What's worse Phoebe sung songs about her mother's suicide.

"My mother's ashesEven her eyelashesAre resting in a little yellow jar.."

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