Gardening in Coastal Maine – Planting Zone 6a – Mid June

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Rain is in the forecast for today so I guess this means all the garden chores are on hold and I’ll be working indoors going through my seed packets and making sure I’ve planted everything that I wanted this season. 

I know I still need to start a few trays of chives and get another round of Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage going but other than that, I think everything can be sown directly in the garden at this point. Which is pretty darn exciting if you ask me.

The past few days we’ve been working on chopping down all the brush and saplings at the end of our driveway to make room for the pear and plum trees we bought last month. 

The area was sadly overgrown and pretty much an eyesore {from the road and out kitchen window} so it will be nice to finally have the area tidied up. 

The HH still has a few more branches to run through the chipper, but the area is taking shape, and I suspect by this time next week we’ll have the fruit trees planted and yet another garden chore checked off our list. 

Which is nice… because I seem to keep adding things to that list. ; )

Last weekend as I was planting the corn and pumpkin seeds in the religious family vegetable garden, I found myself running out of room.  I mean 5 rows of corn? Was that going to be enough for the two of us?

And what about the 10 different varieties of winter squash I wanted to grow? I had only managed to get the butternut squash planted before running out of room. 

How was it possible that I had filled an entire 1,500 square foot garden plot and found myself still needing MORE SPACE? 

I mean, I’d like to think I’m somewhat of a pro when it comes to companion planting, but apparently not because the 30′ x 50′ garden plot the HH had carved out for me wasn’t going to cut it.

So I asked the HH if he would mind if I used the lasagna garden to plant the rest of the squash. {He had wanted to plant grass seed in the lasagna garden because he thought it was an eyesore.}

Well apparently had eaten his Wheaties that morning because he was in a good mood and decided that not only should go ahead and use the lasagna garden to grow more vegetables in… but to enlarge it too! 🙂 

Hot dog! Now we have not one, but TWO religious family sized garden plots! 

At this rate, who knows, we might end up with some farm animals too. {How fun would that be!?}

This is what the garden soil looks like on the *new* side of garden #2.

And this is what the soil on the *lasagna* side of garden #2 looks like. Not too shabby eh? I guess all the cardboard, seaweed, grass clippings and wood chips really did break down into something magical afterall. 

Gardening. It’s pretty rad if you ask me. And now I have even more room to play with.

Life is good! 🙂


P.S. How is YOUR garden coming along? Do you have all your seedlings in yet? Are you growing more this year than in years past? I know I am.


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