How to Make Asparagus Alfredo Lasagna

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The vegetable lasagna is easy to make and is the kind of dish that will impress your family.

I just love springtime...The weather has warmed up and everything is so fresh and vibrant, including the food we eat. There is nothing I love more than taking advantage of the beautiful produce that’s available in the spring. One of my favorite vegetables to cook with, for instance, is asparagus. It’s such a lovely versatile vegetable. It’s just delicious broiled on its own with a sprinkling of olive oil and sea salt, but it’s even better as a part of one of my family’s go-to spring dishes, Asparagus Alfredo Lasagna.

Now I’m part Italian...and that Italian blood doesn’t come from my mama, but she is a wizard in the kitchen and it was her that inspired my love of Italian inspired cuisine. Not too long ago we were having one of our family dinners and were looking to see what she had on hand since we weren’t up to taking the kids to a restaurant...and that’s how Asparagus Alfredo Lasagna was born. It couldn’t be easier to make and is the kind of dish that will impress your family despite the minimal effort it requires. Haha!

Asparagus Alfredo Lasagna Ingredients:

  • 2 jars of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce
  • asparagus spears bunch
  • no boil lasagna noodles
  • ¼ cup of grated Parmesan cheese
  • ½ cup of grated Mozzarella cheese
  • olive oil (to grease pan)

Asparagus Alfredo Lasagna Directions

  1. Lightly grease an 8.5 x 11-inch casserole dish with olive oil.
  2. Pour 1/2 of one jar of Bertolli Alfredo sauce in the bottom of the dish.
  3. Layer no boil lasagna noodles on top.
  4. Layer sliced raw asparagus spears (slice on an angle) on top of the sauce.
  5. Pour the other half of the jar of sauce on top to cover.
  6. Layer the grated Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese on top.
  7. Repeat the whole layering process again. Layer the noodles, asparagus, sauce and cheese.
  8. Bake at 350 for an hour.
  9. Enjoy!

We call this Asparagus Alfredo Lasagna, but you could substitute the asparagus for any fresh spring vegetable that inspires you!


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