Lasagna Love: request a FREE lasagna, or make lasagna to help someone in need

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Could you use a FREE pan of lasagna to help you through a difficult time? Or would you like to make lasagna to help a family in need?

Lasagna Love is a national non-profit that was started at the beginning of the of the pandemic, by a a person who just wanted to help her community.

It matches families with in need with home cooks who want to help out.
If that sounds simple, well — it is!

If you feel like you need a free meal for whatever reason — you’ve lost a job, or you’re overwhelmed as a caretaker, or you have a medical situation— you can request a lasagna.

If you like to cook, or you like to help people, you can register to make lasagna. The national Lasagna Love platform will match you with someone who could use a lasagna, either one time, or on a more ongoing basis.

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How it works

Requesting a FREE lasagna is easy.
You just fill out a form with your name, address, phone number, the size of your family, and any dietary restrictions — for example, if you don’t eat meat, or you need gluten-free pasta. You’ll also sign a simple waiver.
View the request form

Providing a FREE lasagna is easy, too.
To get started, Watch the video on this page and then click the “Sign up here!” button.
Once the Lasagna Love platform matches you with a family, you’ll contact the person and arrange a time for drop-off.
Don’t have time to cook, but want to help?
You can also sign up to financially sponsor a lasagna chef.

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