LIST: Ube Cakes You Can Order On GrabFood And Foodpanda

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The sight of a purple-hued cake can make any Pinoy giddy with excitement. After all, who wouldn't love an ube cake for dessert or merienda? Lucky for you and your ube dessert cravings, there are several ube cake options available for delivery via GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Photo by Butternut Bakery

Butternut Bakery: 5-Layer Ube Brazo

Price: P1,518/whole and P156.25/slice

This local bakery's 5-layer Ube Brazo has alternating layers of pillow-soft ube meringue and homemade ube halaya, then dusted off with confectioners sugar.

Photo by Facebook/Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato

Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato: Ube Cake

Price: P167/slice, P721/mini, and P995/whole

This is one of Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato's bestselling cakes. It's made with layers of ube chiffon and ube halaya. The entire cake is covered in purple crumble then it's topped with pastel purple whipped cream.

Photo by Instagram/House of Lasagna

House of Lasagna: Ultimate Ube Halaya

Price: P1,138.50

House of Lasagna is more than just a house that offers lasagna—they also just added three new cakes to its menu which include the Ultimate Ube Halaya. This cake is a soft sponge cake filled with thick layers of real ube halaya, topped with a white chocolate truffle frosting.


Paper Moon Cafe: Ube Mille Crepe

Price: P295/slice, P1,520/medium, and P2,900/large

Paper Moon Cafe is known for its crepe cakes in different flavors and an ube-flavored crepe cake is on the list. The café's Ube Mille Crepe has layers of paper-thin crepes with homemade ube and fresh cream in between. It's topped with macapuno glaze and the ube chiffon crumbs.

Photo by Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Red Ribbon: Ube Bloom Cake and Ube Mousse Cake

Price of the Ube Bloom Cake: from P679

Red Ribbon's Ube Bloom Cake is made with ube chiffon cake with real ube halaya filling. It's coated with white frosting, ube crumble, and topped with ube glaze and a flower accessory.

Price of the Ube Mousse Cake: P644

Yes, there's an ube-version of Red Ribbon's famous Chocolate Mousse. This cake has layers of real ube halaya, a cream cheese mousse, and topped with grated cheese on top.

Photo by Facebook/Remilly's Yema Cake

Remilly's Yema Cake: Yema Ube Cake

Price: P85/single, P265/half, P370/whole, P455/8R, P650/8x12, and P870/10x14.

If you're familiar with Remilly's regular yema cake, this is an ube version of it! Remilly's Yema Ube Cake has soft chiffon cake coated in ube-flavored yema. It's made even more delicious with grated cheese!


Torch Restaurant: Ube Tres Leches

Price: P900

Torch's Ube Tres Leches is one of their bestselling cakes that comes in a 9-inch round tray. Like a typical tres leches, you should make sure your bite of cake has the delicious purple milky sauce you can find at the bottom of the tray.

Photo by Wildflour Cafe + Bakery official Facebook

Wildflour: Ube Custard Cake

Price: P144

In a world full of ube pairings, the combination ube and leche flan is one that's classic, foolproof, and hard to beat. If you want to give this combo a try, go for Wildflour's petite Ube Custard Cake. This is made with a layer of ube cake that's topped with silky, smooth custard.




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