Moms Lasagna Recipe

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Mom's lasagna was always a treat around the holiday, especially Easter or Christmas time.

She would make everything from scratch and it would take her a labor of love in hours.

Homemade ricotta cheese, the lasagna noodles cut by hand, sauce, meatballs, sausage all from scratch!

Of course now in busier times, we have all the necessary ingredients to make a lasagna in record times and it so much easier.

Back in Bari, Italy where mom came from, everything was made by hand special during a holiday.

You can use all store-bought ingredients and this lasagna will be a huge hit.

Mom made her lasagna with hard-boiled eggs in a layer, that was how her Region made it, you can skip that layer and just add more meat if you aren't a fan.

Here is an awesome recipe for mom's lasagna, we miss her every day and make it in her memory every year.

Easter and Christmas Day are our traditions to keep her memory alive in the kitchen making this recipe.

Scroll down to the bottom to print the recipe off.

this is a lasagna pasta layered with meat sauce and melted mozzarella cheese on a white dish with meatballs and sausage


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