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This Santa Fe Chicken is an easy, weeknight dinner that is naturally gluten free and healthy! This will please even the pickiest of eaters!

santa fe chicken in a skillet with cheese and black bean salsa

PIN Santa Fe Chicken

Spoiler alert: youre going to be adding this to your weeknight rotation STAT.

Its super easy, packed with protein and I am betting even picky eaters will love it.

Plus, Mexican food is always a win. I could always get down with some Mexican zucchini lasagna or chicken Mexican rice casserole.

Unless I dont feel like cookingthen a chipotle burrito bowl sounds extra amazing.

Husband Approved

Its such a SCORE when I find a dish that pleases everyone, including the pickiest of eaters. We all can probably agree that Mexican food is usually a crowd pleaser, but what makes me the HAPPIEST? When the food i cook is approved by the husband! No word of a lie, when I cooked this up and served it to Mr. FFF, he took a bite and immediately said, YA. Thats good.

Heart eyes all the way! Serve this Mexican Chicken up to the one you love and it will NOT dissapoint!

Sante Fe Chicken ingredients

Those bold flavors, colors and textures that come along with a feast of Mexican Food are my absolute FAVE. Im all about the flair that makes this delicious food what it is! This delicious Santa Fe Chicken Recipe incorporates a variety of spices, beans, and also some fresh avocado and tomato to satisfy your craving and fill your belly! So much yum!

Lets gather the ingredients and get started:

  • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Grated Cheddar Cheese
  • Corn Kernels
  • Tomato
  • Black Beans
  • Avocado
  • Cilantro
  • Fresh lime juice

santa fe chicken being sauteed in a skillet

What Taco Seasoning to Use?

For this delicious chicken recipe, its totally up to you what taco seasoning you want to use. Check out my Easy Homemade Fajita Seasoning Recipe for a flavorful spice blend that would be perfect for this chicken, or feel free to use a store bought version or any version of a Mexican spice blend that you like!

How to Make Santa Fe Chicken

Something else youre gonna be a fan of when it comes to this recipe is how EASY PEASY it is to put together. Its warm, comforting and flavorful, while also incorporating freshness to make you feel like youre on a Mexican vacation! Heres how to make it:


Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your chicken breasts on a cutting board and flatten with a meat mallet or rolling pin. Sprinkle the taco seasoning and a bit of salt over the chicken.


Heat a medium sized oven safe pan on medium high heat and add some oil to the pan. Add the chicken breasts and sear each side for about 2 minutes or until golden brown.


Transfer to the oven and bake for another 5 minutes. Sprinkle the cheese overtop and bake until its melted and an instant read thermometer reads 165 degrees inside the chicken, which should take another 3-5 minutes.


Add all the salsa ingredients to a bowl and season to taste with salt.


Spoon the salsa over the chicken and add more lime juice if you want! DEVOUR!

Mexican chicken in a skillet covered with cheese

How Long Does it Take to Bake a Chicken Breast?

When baking up this salsa chicken, youll want to make sure its cooked through but not overcooked. The key is that its done when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, which takes about 30 minutes in an oven set to 350.

Side Dish Ideas

If youre going to throw a Mexican Fiesta, dont stop here! Throw together a Mexican Corn Salad with honey lime shrimp or a Grilled Mexican Corn Salad with Tomatillos to add some more freshness. Also, add in some Keto Mexican Cauliflower Rice or put together some Grilled Mexican Quesadillas to enjoy with your family and friends!

black bean salsa chicken in a skillet covered with cheese

Other Healthy Mexican Recipes

Pineapple Grilled Cauliflower Rice Mexican Chicken Bowls

Mexican Shakshuka Recipe

Mexican Tuna Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Santa Fe Chicken

This Santa Fe Chicken is an easy, weeknight dinner that is naturally gluten free and healthy! This will please even the pickiest of eaters!

  • 1 Lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts ((4 small breasts))
  • 2 tsp Taco seasoning, (of choice)
  • Salt
  • 2 tsp Olive oil
  • 1/2 Cup Cheddar cheese, (grated)

For the salsa

  • 1/4 Cup + 2 Tbsp Corn kernels, (thawed if frozen)
  • 1/4 Cup + 2 Tbsp Tomato, (diced)
  • 1/4 Cup + 2 Tbsp Black beans, (drained and rinsed)
  • 1/4 Cup + 2 Tbsp Avocado, (cubed)
  • 3 Tbsp Cilantro, (minced)
  • Juice of half a lime, (+ additional for serving)
  • Salt, (to taste)
  1. Heat your oven to 350 degrees.

  2. Place the chicken breasts on a cutting board and flatten with a meat mallet or rolling pin. Season with the taco seasoning and a pinch of salt.

  3. Heat the oil up in a large, oven-safe pan on medium-high heat. Sear the chicken breast until golden brown, about 2 minutes per side.

  4. Transfer to the oven and bake for 5 minutes. Then, sprinkle the cheese on top and bake until melted and an instant read thermometer reads 165 degrees F inside the chicken, about another 3-5 minutes.

  5. Mix all the salsa ingredients together and season to taste with salt.

  6. Serve over the chicken and garnish with more lime if desired



Nutrition Facts
Santa Fe Chicken
Amount Per Serving
Calories 365 Calories from Fat 180
% Daily Value*
Fat 20g31%
Saturated Fat 9g56%
Cholesterol 110mg37%
Sodium 363mg16%
Potassium 286mg8%
Carbohydrates 13g4%
Fiber 3g13%
Protein 35g70%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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