springing into the best part of the year...

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 Oh spring, with your broken promises!  From Birkenstocks to boots, and back again.  Should we put the shovels away?  Of course not, it isn't May!

Today was chilly and rainy, and brrr, I wore my Birkenstocks to church.  

We've been doing this thing after our church meeting, where someone volunteers to make a meal, the rest of us donate, and all the money goes to fundraising/youth fund.  This week Benjamin and Ashley made lasagna.  They went all out:  garlic bread, and a garden salad with all the good veggies, set up like a salad bar.  It was fabulous.  The young girls also run a coffee bar, so we can sit and talk and sip...the smell of coffee along just invites fellowship.  Margaret made vanilla/cake batter cupcakes with birdnests and Easter candy eggs on top, I made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream frosting and Reeses's Pieces on top...

(We donate them, and the girls sell them with the coffee)

Later in the day, after dropping dinner off to Emily, Abigail, and Mariel, Margaret and Adrian came to visit with Wulf and Tennyson.  We put some chicken drumsticks in the oven.  When they were done, I put barbecue sauce all over them, and turned the oven to broil.  Mmmm, and better than standing in the rain and grilling.  Fries in the air fryer, sliced cucumbers, and a simple dinner after a scrumptious lunch.

Wulf took some pictures with my phone...Tennyson likes to get in my chair when I vacate it...he sits here saying rock rock, rock rock....he also tried to get my computer out a few times...once when I wasn't paying attention, he got it out and carried it across the room, oops!  He dumped some blocks in my chair, too.
Wulf took some pictures of me, too...
This lovely one...

Having grandchildren is like a second chance to get more patience.  It's also a blessing, full of hugs and love and adoration.  Those kids are just so precious.  I saw Anya and Elise today, and those little girls are huggers.  I told Anya that when she sneaked up and hugged me today, it was like deja vous from when Camille was her age, just a few short years ago, as she always came up and hugged me.  Oh, it goes by too fast.

One of my favorite part of having a lot of kids was dressing them nicely.  Having eleven daughters was extra special, because we all know it's more fun to buy for girls.  The boys were always spiffy too, but you know what I mean.   Now the kids have grown up, and I barely dare to pick out clothes for them, but yay! I have grandchildren!   I like to buy them clothes!  I like to buy them trinkets and toys, but try really hard not to spoil them.  

Paul went to the Dollar General for something today, and came home with a Matchbox truck for Wulf.  :). It's too much fun.

Next weekend we're having Wulf's birthday celebration here.  Hopefully the Covid is done with us by then.... 


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