The HH Buys A DR Chipper Shredder PRO 400

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The HH has a new toy, a DR Chipper Shredder PRO 400 and let’s just say I feel confident we’ll have all the mulch we could ever use from here on out. 😉

He’s been using it for two days straight now and is VERY happy with his purchase. If only we had this during my barktopia period a few houses back, we could have saved some serious money. 

The only real complaint he had was that it took a month from when he placed his order, to when it arrived {even though the website said 8-15 days for delivery}. He paid $1,150 for the DR Chipper Shredder PRO 400 {manual start, the electric start option was $250 more} and said putting it together was very easy, the directions were straightforward and it was packaged extremely well. 

He also mentioned that if you’re thinking about getting one, you might want to wait for a sale because the price is now $1,349 {$1,599 for a manual start}. Other than that, the chipper is doing everything it’s supposed to do .

Fact: Shredding the limbs from pine trees gives off a nice scent and make it smell like Christmas time. 🙂 So far, those are my favorite branches to shred. 

Just look at those wood chips! Aren’t they beautiful? At this rate I’ll have all my garden beds mulched and all the wood chips I could possibly want for my lasagna garden in no time. 

Also, when fall rolls around and there are leaves everywhere, clean up is going to be a snap. 

Look how fine the leaves get! Even I was impressed when I saw that. Apparently the shredder can handle branches up to 4″ in diameter and shred material to 1/12 of its original volume.

I like that it has little safety flaps on the top and the bottom of the chutes so nothing comes whizzing out.

And, the HH likes that it comes with wheels and it’s easy to move from one spot to another.  It was a good purchase! And I’m so glad he bought one.

So there you have it. Our new wood chipper! Yee-Haw!

This should keep him busy for the rest of the summer. 😉

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine.


P.S. Do you have a wood chipper/shredder? If so, do you have any tips or tricks you want to share? And what are you doing with all your mulch? Curious minds want to know. 


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