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The HH bought a tractor. Did I tell you that already? We had one when we lived in the red colonial house on acreage and it came in pretty handy when it came time to plow the {super} long driveway and for various landscaping projects around the place. 

We sold it when we moved to the little house in town because we had no use for it. 

Well, fast forward to this spring, and the HH found himself in need of another one. We have a boatload of landscaping projects on our list for this place, and so rather than paying someone else to do the tractor work {and HELLO… carting wheelbarrows of dirt and rocks from one end of the property to the other} he decided to purchase another tractor. 

Much to my surprise, the HH has turned into quite the DIYer since moving to New England. So when I asked him if he would expand my lasagna garden with his new machine to accommodate all the corn and pumpkins I want to grow this year, he said he’d “look into it”.

Yada yada yada, the HH told me my lasagna garden was an uneven eyesore, and that the ground where I had started it was too low and a bit wet and he would carve out a new garden bed for me if I’d give up the lasagna garden and let it go back to grass.  

I said fine.

But under one condition… that my new garden bed would be larger. 

And then the discussion started as to how much larger it should be. 

Mavis: I’d like it to be a giant rectangle. About 2-3 times larger than the lasagna garden so I can plant a couple of rows of raspberries and a row of blueberries at one end. And it needs to be large enough for corn and winter squash and dried beans. 

HH: You just don’t go out there and dig up a big rectangle. There’s a method to this. There are actual plot sizes for gardens. 

Mavis: Ummm, I’m pretty sure wives have been telling husbands how big they want their gardens to be for centuries. It’s not an exact science.

HH: Would you just give me a minute? I want to read up on it first. 

Mavis: Seriously? 

So while I waited for him to “research” garden plot sizes, I asked The Google.


I took a screenshot and sent him a text {because I had to leave the room before I flipped out about the whole “researching bit”} and requested the “religious family” sized plot. 

Then keeled over laughing because seriously…only religious families like to grow a lot of vegetables? And just for the record, if I was only growing food for myself, a 10′ x 10′ plot {100 square feet} would not be big enough. 

So finally, when he was done with his “research” we went outside and measured out a new garden space. 

The lasagna garden was about 16′ x 22′. 

The new garden will be 30′ x 50′. So I basically doubled my footprint.

And at 1,500 square feet I now have a “religious family with visiting kin” sized garden plot. 🙂 


Now we just need to add a few amendments and we’re ready to start growing! 


P.S. How big is your garden and how many people do you generally grow vegetables for?  Do you put up {can/dehydrate/freeze} any of your extra produce, or do you just like being able to eat fresh from the garden during the growing season? Curious minds want to know. 🙂


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