Tips and tricks to get kids to love healthy foods !

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1 – Go Allergen-free !

Introduce healthier options

For example, instead of buying a traditional birthday cake, why not order a gluten-free, lactose-free and organic birthday cake ?

You can order a vegan and gluten-free birthday cakes at, they have a wide variety of birthday cake delivered at home in 48h. Our favourite include their Unicorn cake or their Fashion cake for women.

2 – Go Sugar-free !

Offer them sugar-free alternatives to their favourite treats and midday snacks.

You can find some sugar-free cookies r beignets at

3 – Cleverly hide some veggies !

One of the best method to get your kids to start enjoying healthy foods is to teach them to eat veggies and fruits and more importantly to teach them to enjoy it !

The best way is to start by hiding some veggies in their favorite meals , they will slowly realize that a spinach filled lasagna is just as delicious as a cheese filled one.

Another great trick is to add apples and fresh fruits to salads turning a lain old salad into a delicious treat.

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4 – Go half Oats / Half Cheerios !

Our kids love their breakfast cereals but most of them are just empty calories. You could mix in half a bowl of steel cut oats with cheerios (or their favourite cereal), they will barely know the difference.

Once they get used to it, you could slowly put lesser and lesser cheerios in the mix and tadaa ! Your kids now can enjoy some healthy steel cut oats for breakfast.

Oats are of course a much better alternative, they are very filling, full of fibers and will not spike their glycemic index. They are also much better for their teeth = less trips to the dentist.

5 – More fruits less fruits juice !

Fruit juices are a good source of vitamins but again, they can be loaded with sugar. Your kids will be much better off eating fresh fruits.

A few tricks include using a food safe marker to draw little smiley and faces on apples and peaches to make it more fun to eat, picking only the smallest fruits at the market and the ripest ones so they are easy to bite into for their little mouths and keeping a score card meaning that you can review every night at dinner if everyone has eaten their mandatory 4/5 fruits or veggies per day and giving a reward or just a pat on the back to those of your children who have.


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