Tuesday Things.

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tuesday things

1. Someone please tell me how to take care of mums. We buy some every year and I swear they die within a week!

2. OMG this lasagna soup looks absolutely insane – just look at it. I might make it for dinner tonight!

3. I had to get a new phone a few weeks ago because I dropped mine in frosting while photographing a cake and the frosting caked inside the speaker so I couldn’t hear a thing. This is real life.

4. The 7 essential rules to meal prepping!

5. Last week we came home school and once I got the kids into the house, Jordan was still sitting in his car seat as I was getting everything out of the car. I noticed a ginormous grasshopper on HIS HEAD. Yes. I mean, you know, I’m so cool and calm around bugs, you can just imagine how well I held it together. I managed to fling it off and then put a cup over it in the middle of the kitchen floor until Eddie came home. Just like the adult that I am.

6. You can’t change your life until you change your life. THIS IS TOO GOOD!

7. TV things!! I started Clickbait… oh my gosh. I mean, I can’t stop watching! I couldn’t tear myself away from the first episode. Have you watched it? Also, I didn’t realize A Million Little Things came back. Ugh, I just thought the episode was so… meh. It was the best show before 2020 happened.

8. Loved this podcast on how to be organized.

9. Have you tried the Stok pumpkin creamed cold brew coffee?! I actually really like it as a treat!

10. Speaking of, I’m so glad my taste for coffee came back after I had Jordan! I wish I could be someone who drank multiple cups. I just love it so much – which is wild considering how much I used to loathe it. However, more than one cup makes my feel like a lunatic.

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