10 Slot Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer Rack Closet Storage Anti Mold Breathable Fabric Floral Print

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  • VERSATILE: Use for sandals, slippers and other flat shoes just won't sit on shoe racks but this unique organizer holds anything. Not just for footwear!!

  • SPACE SAVER: Maximize your closet space by creating additional hanging shelves.

  • FLORAL DESIGN: In addition to being made with breathable fabric, this hanging closet organizer's sturdy hanging velcro creates a trendy, stylish look in your closet.

  • ANY ROOM - ANY WHERE: Perfect for organizing bedrooms, closets, laundry room, play room, college dorm rooms

  • MATERIALS & DIMENSIONS: Non Woven Polypropylene (12 x 6 x 47 )

  • Color : Floral

  • Size : 10 Slot

Most shoe organizers are manufactured from wire and hold a few pairs of shoes. Our cloth shoe organizer can hold many pairs of shoes and easily secures both flat and high heeled shoes in the shoe pockets for easy storage without slipping and sliding as with wire shoe racks. The Organizer is easily mounted and requires no complicated assembly, simply mount the velcro around the existing closet rack and instantly use your shoe storage without hassle. The Organizer is manufactured from premium cloth material with super strong stitching to ensure the organizer won't loosen. This particular organizer has a feminine floral design.