2 Women'S Sport Tank Top, Cami, Strap Dress Closet Organizer Chromed Steel Hangers

Sale price $25.74 Regular price $42.30

  • Holds 8 items on one hanger!

  • Free your closet from clutter!

  • Terrific for drip drying - no shrinkage! No wrinkles!

  • Made of rust resistant Chromed Steel

  • Also great for kids clothes!

  • A unique, USA Patented Design

  • Color : Chromed Steel

Axis International has a full line of USA patented home storage and organizational products for the kitchen, closet, and jewelry organization. Quality products always shipped from our Chicago, IL USA warehouse with a solution to improving all areas of your homes storage and organizational needs. Also see our Flocked Tank Top Organizers for your delicate items , White Closet Shelf Divider, Legging Organizer Hangers in Black and Chrome and our Cedar Hanger Extenders