Adjustable Closet Organizer Storage Shelf

Sale price $14.99 Regular price $30.00

  • Material:Plastic

    Style:size adjustable,telescopic,nail free,drill free,glue free wall mounted

    Width:24cm Adjustable length:30-40cm 38-55cm 50-80cm
    -This item can help you to make good use of the space you can't reach that wasted all the time.
    -It fits for almost any mountable places cause is jacked up flexibly.
    -Above all,it's nail free,drill free,glue free!No worry for any damage or mark of your furniture.
    -Want more layer added in your closet?Try this magic shelf.
    -Want to lighten up the corner of your kitchen or bathroom?Try this magic shelf.
    -Watch the video attached,you will not want to miss it!