Art Moon Elm Portable Clothes Drying Rack, Foldable Tripod Garment Hanger, Steam Hanger, Indoor/Outdoor Durable Construction Up to 63 hangers

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Durable: made of powder painted steel and strong ABS plastic, sturdy and rustproof
Heavy Duty: 51.2-inch high stand has a capacity of to 48lbs (22kg) or 2 full washing machine loads
Large Capacity: our drying rack is capable of holding up to 63 hangers so you can efficiently air-dry your laundry loads, both indoors and outdoors
Compact: this collapsible rack is easy to fold and can be easily stored away when not in use without taking up much space, and is extremely portable
Multipurpose: our rack can be used to dry your laundry load, to steam clothes, to hang your recently ironed clothes, as a coat hanger or as a closet clothes hanger

Going messy all over the place on a laundry day Don’t worry. We come with the exact solution for your needs. This tripod clothes drying rack will be an ideal companion for when you want to hang your laundry. It can hold up to 2 full washing machine loads. It is an eco-friendly solution too. Save energy and let your clothes dry in the comfort of your own home. Hassle free & effective. Don’t just limit its capability for drying laundry. You can use this rack as a garment rack or organizer, a portable guest closet or to organize those recently ironed clothes! Hang dress shirts, pants, ties, sweaters etc.! Also, did we mention that the anti-slip feet of the rack won’t let it fall and nor will your clothes! Disassembling the rack is just as easy as reassembling it. It’s light weight, compact and uses very little space. Now, you have a portable closet no matter where you go. The rack is made of powder coated stainless steel that makes it more robust and also water resistant and rust proof, thus assuring you a rack with long-life. The rack has three extension arms that can hold up to 63 pieces of clothing. Now hang as much as you want without worrying. Afterall, there are more significant issues in the world to worry about. Let us take care of your household needs. 1 x Collapsible clothes drying rack Dimensions- 23.6 x 22.4 x 51.2 inches Number of steel bars: 63

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