CedarFresh Stackable Cedar Shoe Rack, 29"l x 12"d x 5.5"h

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Convertible Cedar Shoe Rack constructed of 100-Percent natural eastern red cedar
2 singles racks or one double rack
Pin holes for easy, sturdy stacking
Absorbs moisture, deodorizes, repels moths, mildew and mustiness
Measures 29"l x 12"d x 5.5"h

The CedarFresh Convertible Cedar Shoe Rack is the natural, attractive shoe unit that can be set up as either 2 single racks or as 1 double rack. This stackable cedar shoe rack allows you to organize and store your shoes while freshening your closet with a cedar-fresh scent. The racks allow shoes to face toward or away from the front, so how you organizer your footwear is entirely up to you. Pin holes in each Adaptable Cedar Shoe Rack allow for easy and sturdy shoe rack stacking. Made of 100-Percent red cedar this cedar shoe rack repels moths, mildew, and mustiness safely and naturally. Red cedar's astounding effectiveness arises from the aromatic oils in the wood's fibers. Revitalize and boost your cedar product's scent and effectiveness by either (1) lightly sanding its surface to expose new fibers, and thus oils, or (2) by spraying the unfinished wood with the CedarFresh Cedar Power Spray or the Cedar & Lavender Power Spray (sold separately on Amazon.com). At Household Essentials, we work hard to anticipate your laundry and storage needs. The Convertible Cedar Shoe Rack is just one of the many products we offer to make your living space more beautiful and efficient. Measures 29 inches long x 12 inches deep x 5.5 inches high. Item No.2122-1.

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