Household Essentials 2165-1 Over the Door Shoe and Boot Organizer - Space Saving Shoe Rack - Lime Green

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Hanging shoe rack for your closet, bedroom, or entryway door that can hold up to 9 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of tall boots
Save space on your floor and wall by storing flats, heels, sneakers, ankle boots, mid-height boots, or tall boots
Adjustable spacing on boot tier to allow boots of varying sizes
Lime green plastic with silver support frame, with 2 sizes of over-the-hooks (for residential and commercial doors)
55.9 high x 27.16 wide x 5.12 Deep inches

The best way to store boots is upside down! that makes Household Essentials OTD shoe rack boot rack the perfect choice! colorful and lightweight, this shoe and boot organizer stores 9 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of boots! it hangs on standard residential or commercial doors for a smarter use of space, too. This hanging boot rack has adjustable slides so boots can be spaced out, giving wide boots more space and ankle boots less! it holds ankle boots, calf boots, and knee boots easily. Boots fit over a plastic loop that rests against the interior sole of the boot when hanging. This means pressure is placed only where it would be if the boot were being worn! this allows gravity to naturally shape the boot's leg for crinkle-free boot storage. No pressing. No clip marks. Damage free boot storage for your favorite boots! and with 3 tiers for shoes, too, it's the perfect way to organize your footwear-andd wear your favorites all year long. This Lime green shoe rack boot rack is 55.9 high x 27.16 wide x 5.12 deep inches.

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