YIYI GUO Home Hanging Shoe Organizer for Closet, 10 Shelf, Tough Breathable Fabric Anti-Mold 12”x6”x47” | Closet Shoe Organizer | Shoe Storage Hanging Shoe Holder | Shoes Sorter Shelves Rack Hanger

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STYLISH DESIGN; in addition to being made with 100% natural and breathable fabric, this hanging closet organizer’s sturdy hanging velcro creates a unique tidy look in your closet’s hanging section.
SAVES SPACE; maximize closet space by creating additional hanging shelves. When you have more items than you can find space for, this space miser is guaranteed to make use of every square-inch in your closet.
COMPLETELY WASHABLE; don’t worry about shoes leaving their dirty marks, just take it out of the closet and wash it with a wet cloth or soft brush, and voila!
DIMENSION; 12”x6”x47” UNIQUELY VERSATILE; sandals, slippers and other flat shoes just won’t sit on shoe racks but this unique organizer holds anything. Not just for footwear; accessories and miscellaneous clothing will also find perfectly aerated storage space.

Do you own many pairs of shoes and are tired of messy stacking and trying to find both shoes in a hurry

Would you like a super tough convenient shoe organizer that can hold many pairs of shoes together, and requires no complex assembly or mounting

If so, the FrontTech Home Cloth Shoe Hanging Organizer is the perfect choice for you!

Most cheaper shoe organizers are manufactured from wire and hold a few pairs of shoes. The Cloth Shoe Organizer can hold many pairs of shoes and easily secures both flat and high heeled shoes in the shoe pockets for easy storage without slipping and sliding as with wire shoe racks.

The Organizer is easily mounted and requires no complicated assembly, simply mount the velcro around the existing closet rack and instantly use your shoe storage without hassle. The Organizer is manufactured from premium cloth material with super strong stitching to ensure the organizer won't loosen, and the edges are finished with a premium, non fray stitched material to ensure long lasting use.
The Shoe Organizer is a premium product with a number of key features, including:
* Securely hold pairs of shoes in cloth pockets, no dropping or sliding as with wire shoe racks.

* Many shoe pockets for organizing large shoe collections for easy access.

* Tough material construction to hold flat shoes or spiked heels.

* Reinforced edges to prevent fraying for long lasting use.

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