Garment Racks Adjustable Closet Organizer with 440lb Load Heavy Duty Hang Clothes Rack for Storage and Display, 55" x 97" Expands to 102" x 119"

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Color: Lk-3400


  • Adjustable from 55" x 97" to 102" x 119" - Garment rack can control the width and height by adjusting the length of the rod. Hanging garment racks can help with the overflow of clothes and save more space. And each rack has a pick hook for hanging
  • 440 lb Load - Heavy duty garment rack has two touch and double tiers, and the weight of each layer is 110 lb. The design of 4-rod garment rack can better help clothes to be stored and be reasonably loaded down
  • For Household, Commercial and Industrial Use - Adjustable closet organizer can be used not only in homes, such as bedrooms, bathroom and storage rooms, but also in commercial displays, such as laundry, retail store and so on
  • Install without Tools and Collapsible - Garment rack is very simple to put together. The rod of pipe garment rack can be shrunk for easy carrying and handling, lightweight and smart
  • Corrosion Resistant and Rapid Response - The steel pipe for laundry garment rack is made of high-quality carbon steel. Elegant chrome finish, durable anti-aging. If you have any question, please contact us. We will solve it within 24 hours

Publisher: LUBAN KING



This adjustable garment rack is an ideal choice for "Home Must".

LUBAN KING's R&D team has been engaged in the clothes rack industry for more than ten years and is fully committed to bringing a wonderful experience to all of our users. Every detail of the product is the embodiment of our love. Thank you very much for being our customer.

Product Characteristics:

Saving Space - The height and the length is adjustable. The upper hanging rack can be extended from 55 inches to 102 inches. The height can rise from 97 inches to 119 inches. Therefore, you can use it for hanging and storing lots of clothing without taking up too much space.
Easy Assembly and Collapsible - With instruction, you can assemble the clothing rack easily. If you don't want to use it, you can fold it into a flat shape which do not need too much space for storing.
Sturdy - It is Constructed of heavy duty metal frame, which is electroplating rust. Therefore, the load capacity is up to 220 lbs, sturdy enough for you to hang lots of clothing. 
Safety - The bracket of the horizontal pipe is tightly locked with the vertical pipe by bolts, and the height of the horizontal pipe can be adjusted up and down by loosening the bolt. It is locked by the bracket cover, so that when the horizontal tube is subjected to the force alone, it will not slide laterally or the other end will be lifted to ensure safety.

Kindly Note: Please do not hang heavier items over its max load capacity to prevent bend or being out of shape.

Package Content:

 2 adjustable vertical poles, 2 adjustable horizontal bars, 2 connecting pole, 1 pick hook

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Package Dimensions: 37.4 x 7.7 x 4.9 inches