Houseables Key Lock Box, Lockbox Cabinet, Wall Mount Safe, 7.9" W x 9.9" L, 48 Tags, Black, Metal, Combination Code Locker, Storage Organizer, Outdoor Keybox Closet for Realtor, Real Estate Office

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Brand: Houseables


  • SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: Our key lock box has the ability to be mounted to a wall for your ease of use. Place this box near the door of your garage, so you don't have to waste time dumping out the contents of your purse to find your keys during that morning rush
  • ETERNALLY YOUTHFUL: This container's heavy-duty properties will last you forever and a day. If you decide to place it in an area where it may have some outdoor exposure, have no fear because your keys will be safe in here!
  • SPY-MOVIE WORTHY: You'll have the protection of a Hollywood big shot with Houseables' secure safe. It includes a combination lock, so you can ensure that your keys or valuables will not be prone to a criminal heist.
  • KEYS GALORE: You will not be limited to a key or two with our key box. This box has the ability to hang up to 48 keys and comes with 48 tags to help you tell them apart. If you're the forgetful type that has plenty of back-up house keys, you can store them all in this protected enclosure.
  • EASY AS PIE: With straightforward instructions and a drilling template, this lock box can be installed within minutes. Whether you're a skilled handyman or a rookie assembler, you'll be able to follow along and begin making use of your box in no time at all.

Publisher: Houseables

Details: Practicality is Key (Get It?) We all have those days when we're rushing out the door and cannot seem to find the one thing we need to get to work on time - our car keys. With Houseables' key lock box, you'll never have to deal with the hassle of looking for lost keys again. All you have to do is install in a location that is practical for you and all of your keys will be in one guarded place.

Be the Hero of Your Own Story If you are in the business of valet or renting out vehicles, our safe can protect you from any mishaps coming your way. With that many large investments on your hands, you should take every precaution that you can to protect anything negative from happening to them. No crooks or villains will be a match for this sturdy safe.

Do Not (and Cannot) Enter With a stable combination lock, Houseables' key box will never let you down. You may freely adjust the combination to a number setting of your choosing. Just make sure that it's something you're sure to never forget, but that an intruder would be sure to never figure out. Keep the code in a safe place for emergency purposes or on the off-chance that the chosen number slips your mind.

Stay Organized Houseables' lock box comes with 48 key tags so you can label all the important keys that use throughout your daily life. If you decide to use this lock box for professional use, it can be especially helpful in keeping track of keys to important file cabinets, company vehicles, financial safes, and more. Or, if organization is simply your thing, these key tags will help you in your casual systematizing.

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 8.5 x 4.1 inches