Over The Door Hanger For Kitchen Tools , Heavy-Duty Wall Storage Organizer Racks With 5 Hooks ,Metal Hanging Bathroom Jewelry Closet Holder , Backpack Space Saver For Towel , Coat , Jacket , Robes , Chrome

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Brand: ieasycan


  • Size:38*23 cm, fits a door measuring 1 1/2 inches thick,Made of iron + Galvanization
  • Functional and stylish way to organize and hang your clothing items,Make your home or kitchen tidy and clean
  • Ideal for hang over the bathroom door to hang bath towels, bathrobes, next-day's clothing, holds coats, sweaters, umbrella, & scarves, also perfect for office hang coats,
  • Help organize the millions of Mardi Gras beads that the kids collected, it stays in place, looks attractive, takes very little space.
  • Packed 1pc with bubble envelop, shipping time is 10-15 work days

Publisher: Ieasycan

Details: Wall-mounted coat hooks are functional household items that are found in a variety of places, from closets to entryways to bedrooms.
Coat hooks help organise a space by providing a convenient location to hang clothing and accessories, including coats, jackets, scarves, and purses.
They are available in a range of styles and finishes, each catering to specific design preferences and storage needs.
Coat hooks are generally alternatives to standing coat racks. They are typically affixed to a wall or door using one or more screws.
They can also be mounted on decorative backboards to add flare or be affixed on rails or panels as part of a coat rack.
Wall-mounted hooks can be used to hang one article, or multiple hooks can be arranged to hang several items in one spot.
As a result of their utility, wall-mounted coat hooks are found in several types of rooms and properties.
Although they are typically located at a doorway or entryway, wall-mounted coat hooks are also placed in closets, behind doors, and in lockers.
They are found in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and change-rooms in residential and commercial properties alike, including restaurants, clothing shops, recreation and fitness centres, hospitals, and schools
Choosing Wall-Mounted Coat Hooks
The choice of wall-mounted coat hooks depends on a range of factors, including available space and price, as well as the design, material, and finish of the hook. In addition to considering available wall space, the number of hooks used will typically depend on individual storage requirements.
The number of hooks should reflect the anticipated number of users, such as the number of family members living in a household. If several coat hooks are being mounted to a wall or door, consideration should be given to purchasing a wall-mounted coat rack to avoid overcrowding a space with multiple hooks.