Comllen Premium Organic Kitchen Utensil Bamboo Wooden Set, 5 Piece Set Bamboo Spoons and Spatulas Cooking Utensils with Storage Organizer

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Bamboo kitchen utensil set includes wooden spoon spatula slotted curved spork all stored storage organizer

Made with natural organic fda approved eco-friendly solid wooden bamboo

Easy clean bamboo should hand washed with mild soap water extend life wood oil occasionally preserve

Light durable safe nonstick cookware metal pots pans great all cooking serving needs

Each spoon spatula this kitchen utensil set measures approximately all spoons stored storage organizer

Specifications comllen bamboo spatula great all kitchen cooking serving needs our spatulas are made with natural organic fda approved eco-friendly solid wooden pieces premium tools light durable safe nonstick cookware giving peace mind they will last long guaranteed keep family bacteria features model material easy clean wash them warm soapy water let dry product dimensions each spoon this utensil set measures approximately storage organizer whats included curved spork slotted it's time take style next level click 'add cart' button order own spoons now