Ideaworks Snap-fit Drawer Dividers

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Wave goodbye to the nightmare that is messy drawers!

No more disorganised and chaotic drawers with the snap-fit draw dividers from Ideaworks Are your kitchen drawers as organised as a box of frogs The time has come to stop endlessly scrambling about in your drawers trying to find the item you want. With the set of 2 snap-fit drawer dividers by Ideaworks you can eliminate a little bit of stress from your daily life. Are you a guilty of having the most untidy office drawers known to man Do your work colleagues dread asking for something as they know they'll have to watch you scramble through your devilish drawers searching Maybe you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry but your kitchen drawers are so shameful that you can't really find the equipment you need to bake something spectacular! These super useful drawer dividers expand from 14" to 21" enabling you to use them in small draws and bigger drawers. Ideal for organising utensils, desk office supplies, tools, bedroom drawers for socks, undergarments and much more. Their sturdy construction will hold tight so that everything in your draw will remain compartmentalised and organised. The dividers are cleverly designed with non-slip grips on each end to ensure they won't move and slide about all over as there's nothing more irritating than spending time organising your draw to find it's all just a huge great big mess a few hours later. At StressNoMore we take great pride in knowing we can make a little difference to you living a stress free life which is why eliminating a small bit of stress by purchasing the snap-fit drawer dividers is the best decision you will make today.

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