iDesign Clarity Plastic Drawer Organizer, Storage Container for Silverware, Utensils, Kitchen Gadgets in Pantry, Cabinets, Countertops, 4" x 12" x 2" - Clear

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ORGANIZE YOUR HOME: Store your silverware, spatulas, utensils, can openers, bottle openers, whisks, knives, cutlery, and other kitchen gadgets. Ideal for storing items on or in your counter, pantry, cabinets, vanity, dresser, or desk in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office
STACKABLE: Stackable modular system - mix and match to customize your storage needs in any space!
STYLISH: Clear finish perfectly matches any decor
EASY VISIBILITY: Transparent durable plastic walls allow you to easily view box contents
IDEAL SIZE: Organizer measures 4" x 12" x 2" to fit in any space

Keep your space clean with the iDesign Clarity Drawer Organizers! These organizers are a modular system for customizable storage. This transparent storage box is constructed of durable clear plastic, allowing you to see your items with ease. Store your silverware, spatulas, can openers, and other utensils in these versatile containers. Not only do these organizers have clean lines, but they are stackable as well! Measuring 4" x 12" x 2", the iDesign Clarity Drawer Organizers are great for use on the counter or in cabinets, pantry, or fridge! With iDesign by InterDesign, you can #LiveSimply every day.

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