Maskeny Magnetic Hooks 40 lbs Heavy Duty Super Strong Neodymium Magnets for Kitchen Garage Indoor/Outdoor Organizing and Hanging - Large Cruise Ship Accessories [Bonus] Refrigerator Magnets

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Powerful neodymium magnets are strongest commercially available this allows each our hooks hold lbs hand tools cooking utensils hanging plant baskets holiday decorations

Holds firm horizontal surfaces ceilings well vertical cabinets walls direct pull strength horizontally lbs sheer force used sideways reduced

Indoor outdoor versatility due their rust resistant steel design brush nickel finish our powerful hooks withstand climate extremes humidity organize workshops laundry rooms garages

Buffer pads included prevent scratches place between each magnet hook metal surface protect gym lockers vehicle paint stainless steel kitchen appliances damage

Must-have organizer home work play magnetic hooks are most useful organizing device own they require permanent mounting measurements installation our neodymium allow hang frequently used wrenches cooking utensils gardening tools plants wherever metal surface exists storage organization close file cabinet steel entry door toolbox powerful magnets adhere firmly refrigerators i-beams sheds more providing lbs direct pull strength horizontal sideways vertical sheer force reduced with complimentary backing pads cut clutter throughout office clipboards sports equipment without drilling holes walls causing unsightly scratches surfaces long-lasting durability versatility these robust made non-corrosive brush nickel finish withstand temperature extremes harsh climates making them perfect all indoor outdoor needs strong urge protect fingers coming between proximity this result pinched skin being caught together should kept out reach children present choking hazard got hook-up portable easy-to-use kitchen garage hardware add -piece cart today


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