mDesign Square 4 Compartment Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Organizer Tray - Divided Sections for Cutlery, Serving Spoons, Cooking Utensils, Gadgets - BPA Free, Food Safe, 2" Deep, Pack of 2, Clear

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Comes with two drawer organizers four compartments each keep kitchen chaos under control storing utensil essentials place

Clear construction makes simple see what's inside while open tops make easy grab what need right away

Petite design easily fits small crowded kitchen spaces while rubber feet bottom each organizer help keep place

Made clear durable plastic


Rummaging though messy disorganized kitchen drawers becomes thing past with grand drawer organizers mdesign four various sized compartments provide plenty room storing all utensil essentials over clear plastic construction makes seeing what's stashed inside simple while open tops make grabbing what need breeze rubber feet ridges bottom each organizer stop sliding out place


mDesignby MetroDecor