METALTRU AMERICA Multipurpose Kitchen Utensil Organizer Holder, Spice Rack, Towel Rack (White/Yellow)

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Contents bars connector supports connectors right central left utensil hooks double storage bin support with towel rack wall bushings screws

Great storage solution convenient wall-mounted rack store frequently used items with easy access ingredients utensils while taking much countertop space ideal space-saver

Multiple assembly possibilties bars alltogether together separated accesories placed best way suits

Dimensions bars together- each bar separated- please check pictures detailed assembly possibilities with

Easy assemble mounting instructions comes package

Save time space organize most useful utensils practical place optimizing this set offers possibility have spices towels much more hanged wall countertop will all hand beyond organizing give charming touch kitchen versatility functionality product become three products bars installed together apart accessories placed order want make looks clean decorated best way suits comes colours choose colour match with taste white cool associated light cleanliness gives sensation amplitude suggest simplicity high-tech black elegant elegance prestigiousness contrast bright yellow joyful sunshine lighten contents description are used hang organizers should screws very simple install them hooks versatile several items such mugs pans brushes bins ideal store seasonings they facility practicality cooking towel rack many times whenever need

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